How Børsen Uses Sleeknote to Sell More Digital Subscriptions

How Børsen Uses Sleeknote to Sell More Digital Subscriptions

About Børsen is Denmark's largest business media, covering the most important events that affect business and the economy. Given that Børsen sells digital subscriptions, effective communication with its visitors is crucial for boosting engagement, gathering permissions, and, most importantly, driving subscriptions.

The Brand

Like most brands looking to improve their website’s UX, Børsen is continually testing ways to engage visitors onsite.

Sometimes, that means driving interest in its digital subscriptions, and other times, it means capturing leads on a specific page.

Regardless of the areas it continually strives to improve, Børsen uses Sleeknote to welcome its new and returning site visitors.

Solution #1: Collect Emails with a Lead Magnet

Børsen writes on a wide range of topics, with one such topic on the importance of sustainability.

For pages covering the topic, Børsen made a popup inviting visitors to sign up for a sustainability masterclass to receive implementable tools for building a more sustainable business.

To do that, Børsen used:

  • A time-trigger on sustainability-related pages;
  • Sleeknote’s advanced scheduling feature with set a start and end date for the campaign; and
  • Sleeknote’s SiteData feature and show count feature, which hid the campaign from logged-in users
“Sleeknote is a fantastic tool that makes it easy to create visibility for users on”
Vanessa Marquez Helledie Marketingkonsulent at Børsen

Solution #2:

Børsen continually strives to improve its ability to attract new customers. One such test involved offering potential customers a bespoke offer for their digital subscription.

To do that, Børsen showed a popup on certain pages, inviting site visitors to leave their number if they wanted to learn more.

Moreover, to maximize its chances of reaching potential buyers and minimize lost deals, Børsen ran this campaign only during business hours.

Solution #3: Increase Engagement

Børsen Stock Market Game is the most popular stock market game in Denmark.

With it, visitors can invest up to 500,000 DKK in fictional money each year and compete with other investors to achieve the highest returns and win prizes.

As one can imagine, Børsen’s Stock Market Game drives an enormous amount of engagement onsite and attracts many new and experienced investors (with some eventually subscribing to Børsen’s digital subscription.)

To capitalize on its high engagement, Børsen tested a Sleeknote campaign that promoted its stock market game to the right visitors on specific pages to drive more signups for the game.

“With Sleeknote, we can make Børsen’s customers aware of special events and new products they can take advantage of, or offer great deals to potential new customers. Therefore, Sleeknote helps us both increase engagement with our existing users and collect new leads.”
Vanessa Marquez Helledie Marketingkonsulent at Børsen

Solution #4: Promote Relevant Offers

Børsen understands that each visitor is different, so it tailors its messages accordingly. 

For instance, if someone is already a paying subscriber, Børsen shows them content that’s relevant for them instead of trying to promote a paid subscription (as it would for non-paying visitors). 

To do that, Børsen uses Sleenote’s SiteData feature to identify whether the visitor is an existing or potential customer, a GIF to attract the visitor’s attention, and a compelling copy to highlight the benefits of joining its subscription.


Børsen has used Sleeknote to achieve an average:

  • 3.95% conversion rate from a new visitor to an email subscriber
  • 1.58% conversion rate from visitor to lead on high-intent pages
  • 6.24% conversion rate from a new visitor to a potential Stock Market Game user
  • 4.96% conversion rate from a new visitor to a potential paid subscriber

Why Børsen Uses Sleeknote

Børsen uses Sleeknote to:

  1. Increase engagement (free offerings such as events)
  2. Boost sales for its multi-tiered paid subscriptions
  3. Collect permissions from its website visitors
“Once you’re familiar with the system, Sleeknote is intuitive, and even without extensive skills in graphic design, you can create eye-catching pop-ups and easily connect with your users.”
Vanessa Marquez Helledie Marketingkonsulent at Børsen
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