How Ecolabelling Denmark Boosted Brand Awareness Through an “Egg Hunt” Competition
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How Ecolabelling Denmark Boosted Brand Awareness Through an “Egg Hunt” Competition

About Ecolabelling Denmark is a non-profit organization responsible for the two official ecolabels in Denmark: The Nordic Swan Label and the EU Ecolabel. They act as an independent unit of the Danish Standards Foundation, funded mainly through the fees paid by licensed companies. The organization is tasked with increasing demand for ecolabeled products and certifying new products and suppliers with the ecolabels. Through this, they aim to stimulate sustainability and environmental friendliness in both the production and consumption of goods and services.

Branding a Wide Portfolio

Ecolabelling Denmark’s mission is to increase the number of ecolabeled products on the market and customer demand for them. Their surveys show that “Two-thirds of those aware of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel look for it to some extent when they go shopping,” proving that Danish consumers are already mindful of the environment in their purchase decisions.

Their Marketing Manager, Eva Raffnsoe, told me that their biggest challenge was making the entire product range visible, as most consumers were aware of 3-5 of the 60 types of product available.

Why Ecolabelling Denmark Chose Sleeknote

Eva explained that their marketing budget was limited, so “Ecolabelling Denmark focused on improving the website experience through graphical optimizations and increased interactivity, as they couldn’t afford a complete makeover.”

After being introduced to Sleeknote, Eva replaced the signup form they had at the time with a SleekBox. While there was a noticeable increase in their newsletter signups, Eva wanted to create a more ambitious and creative campaign.

How Ecolabelling Denmark Created an “Egg Hunt” Competition Using Sleeknote

Ecolabelling Denmark’s campaign was engaging, educational and had great results. Inspired by their Norwegian counterpart, they developed a product room on their site to generate more visibility and awareness for ecolabelled products. To increase engagement with the product rooms, they turned them into an “egg hunt” competition.

Website visitors could visit seven different rooms with various products scattered throughout, which they could interact with. Clicking on some products would trigger an informative slide-in about the value of the ecolabel for that product. Others would present the user with a chance to win that product if they subscribed to their newsletter, but this was not mandatory to participate.

The image below is one of the product rooms they created for this campaign. Using Sleeknote’s OnClick trigger, Ecolabelling Denmark’s SleekBoxes were shown only to visitors that clicked on the green circles.


Companies with certified products sponsored the prizes and promoted the campaign. Ecolabelling Denmark used online banners, newsletters, Facebook Video, and carrousel ads to bring traffic to the page.


They took this competition one step further during the Copenhagen Cultural Night Event in October 2017. Ecolabelling Denmark displayed the product rooms on large touchscreens at the entrance hall of the Ministry of Environment and Food. Around 300-400 people interacted with the screens during that event.

“There was a certain point when we didn’t feel that we could get any more help from our web agency, but we had great help from Sleeknote’s Customer Success team. When they heard our idea, they said “This sounds fun, we’ve never tried anything like this before” and put a lot of effort into helping us.”
Eva Raffnsoe Marketing Manager


So far, Ecolabelling Denmark has run this campaign twice and about 50% of the visitors who participated in the competitions signed up to their newsletter.

According to Eva, these campaigns increased awareness of different product categories, encouraged licensees to display their products and got many participants to newsletter signups, fulfilling all of its goals.

Final Thoughts

Sleeknote’s wide range of triggers and functions make it a versatile tool for simple tasks with the potential of being a core function in a complex campaign. Ecolabelling Denmark’s journey with Sleeknote started with a basic signup form, but their creativity and desire to experiment with it led to the development of an engaging campaign.

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