How Europris Increased Their Conversion Rate by Using Product-Specific SleekBoxes

How Europris Increased Their Conversion Rate by Using Product-Specific SleekBoxes

About Europris is Norway’s largest discount variety retailer by sales. The first Europris store opened in 1992 and today they have 238 physical stores in Norway. Besides physical stores, they also have an online shop. Approximately 30% of their stores are owned by franchises, and the last 70% is owned by themselves. Europris offers its customers a broad assortment of quality own brand and brand name merchandise across 12 product categories: Home & Kitchen, Groceries, House & Garden, Personal care and much more.

What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

Europris mainly uses Sleeknote for two things; to get signups for their newsletter and to increase the number of social followers.

1. Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

They use a competition as an incentive by offering their visitors a chance to win a gift certificate for their shop.

What’s interesting is that they’ve created a SleekBox for each product category. This way, they can see in which product category the sleeknote has the best conversion rate.

They’ve also placed a Sleekbox on the site with their advertising circular where they also offer their visitors a chance to win a gift certificate. This is a smart place to show the SleekBox because people are more likely to participate in a competition about a gift certificate, when they’re already looking for good offers.

Europris has a blog where they share tips and inspiration for your home. On this site, they use Sleeknote to collect emails, but instead of using a competition as incentive they ask their visitors to sign up if they want an email whenever Europris releases a new blog post. This is another effective way to get people to sign up for their newsletter.

europris sleekbox

2. Guide Visitors

Lastly, they’ve been using Sleeknote to increase the number of followers on Facebook. This is a simple and effective way to keep in touch with the customers who have already visited their website. The smart thing is that the SleekBox doesn’t show up for the visitors who comes to their site from Facebook as Europris have used the include/exclude function.

europris sleekbox
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