How Falck Generate Targeted Leads for Their Telemarketing Department
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How Falck Generate Targeted Leads for Their Telemarketing Department

About Falck is present in 44 countries on six continents making us the world’s largest international rescue company. We sell subscriptions to products and services like roadside assistance, emergency medical services, and alarm systems, in order to create security in our customer’s everyday life. Falck is a big machine – We have many sales channels and use Sleeknote as a tool to support our sales channels. Some of our subscriptions are complex compared to other websites. This means that our customers often need to talk with us about how they are covered when they buy a new subscription.

Why Did You Choose Sleeknote?

We primarily needed a tool to create awareness about some of our most complicated services, such as Alarm and Healthcare. We can write tons of information about these services on our website, but some people are still not ready to buy. We use SleekBoxes to tell people that when in doubt, we are ready to help and would love to give them a call to answer all their questions. This way, we get the possibility to focus on leads instead of sales, when it makes sense, and make sure that we don’t lose our visitors to a competitor if they couldn’t find what they needed on our website.

We had a chat with you about what we needed, and then we signed up for a free trial. That helped us a lot, and we found out if we really needed a tool to create qualified leads – and if Sleeknote was able to do this for us.

“We clearly see that the volume of leads have increased when our SleekBox is active.”
Malene Stenholt Hansen Web Manager

What Do You Use Sleeknote for Today?

We use it as a pop-up to get qualified leads.

If our visitors aren’t ready to buy anything on their first visit but have read about our services, they are able to sign up for a call through the SleekBox – and as long as our telemarketing team calls the leads within a short period of time, we get a lot of sales through this.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

We clearly see that the volume of leads have increased when our SleekBox is active.

In our campaign periods, we have a lot of traffic on our website. In these periods, the number of leads we get through SleekBoxes has tripled.

What’s more important is that the leads we get through a SleekBox are valuable, so our telemarketing department only says good things about these leads.

Recently we changed our website from HTTP to https which gave us some trouble with our SleekBoxes. We contacted your support, and they helped us very fast and solved the problem.


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