How Firtal Web Generated 140,000 Leads For Multiple Online Stores

About Firtal

Firtal Web is a digital retailer powerhouse aspiring to become the go-to solution for knowledge and know-how within their niche. While they primarily focus on e-commerce, they also produce and offer their own products and services.

They are best known for their shops: Viivaa, Incover, Made4Men, and Helsebixen, which accounted for nearly two million orders delivered as of writing.




Aarhus, Denmark

Staff members



Filip Evaldsen, Business Unit Director

A Full House

Firtal Web manages twelve webshops, and while their team is large enough to have people dedicated to each store, they still share the infrastructure and values of the company. This brings forward a unique set of advantages, as well as issues. While shared resources can help a new store grow faster than it ever could on its own, any new resource and solution need to be understood and used by multiple executives working for every one of their stores.

Filip Evaldsen, the Business Unit Director of Firtal Green told me that “We believe that time is money, so we need to be efficient.” Long and drawn-out training periods for new implementations went against this vision, so ease of use became a top criterion when searching for new solutions.

Why Firtal Web Chose Sleeknote

Like most e-commerce platforms, newsletters are a big part of Firtal Web’s marketing. For three of their largest stores (Viivaa, Helsebixen, and Made4Men) newsletters serve two main purposes: (1) increasing sales by turning leads into customers and (2) retaining old customers through engaging content and enticing offers. Their strategy revolves around creating a relationship with their customers and educating them about their products. Through this approach, they show them how and why their products can make life easier, rather than trying to close a quick sale.

In the past, they were using Sumo for lead generation. But as the company expanded, Sleeknote’s ease of use, customizability and better compliance with GDPR laws convinced them to switch. Filip Evaldsen described this process as smooth, with Sleeknote’s Customer Success team walking them through the process, step-by-step and quickly solving any issues encountered.

"Sleeknote was very user-friendly and easy to use, so getting started was quite simple."

Filip Evaldsen Business Unit Director

How Firtal Web Generated Leads

Firtal Web’s lead generation was closely tied to their ongoing offers. This resulted in a season-based approach to creating SleekBoxes, aligned with different campaigns. The example below shows one of the Black Friday campaigns they ran last year, offering early access to their discounts:

Furthermore, they also used discounts and gift cards to incentivize subscriptions, as shown in the following example:

Through these kinds of campaigns, Firtal Web collected 140,000 emails across their websites, which contributed to more sales and greater customer retention.

"Creating a new campaign takes less than 15 minutes. It’s super fast and easy to do."

Filip Evaldsen

How Firtal Web Improves Their Campaigns with Split Tests

While efficiency was a priority for Firtal Web, they also needed to ensure their campaigns were effective. To do this, they used split tests to find the elements that were performing best. Filip told me that “We primarily test small things, like colors, images, and CTAs.” The following campaigns are a perfect example of this:

In the case above, something as simple as changing the background and spacing of the SleekBoxes resulted in the second campaign converting 36% better than the first.

"Even though we only change small things, they have a significant impact on our results."

Filip Evaldsen

Want Similar Results?

Firtal Web collected 140,000 emails through several SleekBoxes across their websites, which contributed to more sales and greater customer retention.

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Final Thoughts

Firtal Web’s approach to creating campaigns is focused on efficiency and effectiveness. By aligning them with their seasonal offers, the SleekBoxes they create act as an extension of their website and are relevant to visitors interested in those offers. This mentality extends to their newsletter, which sends out informative materials and personalized offers, thus capitalizing on the leads.

Through Sleeknote’s ease of use, the people responsible for their shops can create a campaign in under 15 minutes. And through split testing, they ensure those campaigns perform at their absolute best. Through this process, Firtal Web has balanced their need for expediency and ease of use (efficiency), as well as the need for a high-performing lead generation platform (effectiveness).

"I know Sleeknote’s quality first-hand, so I always have a good feeling about it when I recommend it to other people."

Filip Evaldsen