How Grafical Uses Sleeknote to Continuously Generate Leads

How Grafical Uses Sleeknote to Continuously Generate Leads

About Grafical Grafical is an online retailer that is based in the western part of Denmark. They supply businesses and private customers with office supplies, household goods and IT equipment. Their aim is to always offer the best possible price to all of their customers, and not make special prices for some, and not for others. The company just celebrated its 23rd anniversary, and continuously develops its assortment of products and services. Whilst maintaining its core business practices of supplying its customers with the best prices on the market. Rather ensuring the goods at the best price than trying to make that extra buck.

Simply Wanting More

In 2018, it became clear to Grafical that they were missing out on a lot of potential customers and leads. They knew that they could do better, and therefore, they started looking for a tool that could help decrease their bounce rate and increase their lead generation. 

In their search they came across Sleeknote and have since used the software to develop several campaigns for their website that have helped them achieve just what they were hoping for. Since beginning to use Sleeknote they have seen conversion rates of over 20 percent. This is not the average conversion rate, of course, but it shows just how impressive results they have seen by using Sleeknote. 

Seeing the Results They Were Hoping For

Grafical has multiple active campaigns with Sleeknote. 

The strategy they use is to give out a small discount voucher to those that sign up for their newsletter. One campaign can be found on their landing page, where a small teaser appears in the bottom left corner: 

Grafical SS 5

This unfolds to a more elaborate pop-up that informs the visitor that all they need to do is sign up for the newsletter and then they will receive a 10% discount. 

Grafical SS 1

It can be just that simple. This campaign generates approximately 1,200 new leads for Grafical, every month! 

Another campaign they have had great success with, and continue to have great success with, is their exit-intent pop-up. One of the problems they were experiencing before Sleeknote was their bounce rate. With the use of Sleeknote they have made this campaign: 

Grafical SS 4

This campaign generates more than 300 fresh leads every month, and even though it doesn’t ensure that the visitor completes their purchase, it does enable Grafical to contact them afterwards. These were customers that were about to leave the site!

Continuous Success Made Easy

There are several reasons why Grafical have continued to use Sleeknote but the main reason is the ease and the automation of a software that continues to provide good results. As Benjamin, the marketing and web assistant at Grafical put it when describing how they use Sleeknote right now: 

“This might sound negative, it’s definitely not supposed to, but everything just runs automatically and takes care of itself.” 

Grafical’s campaigns continue to be successful and therefore, there is no need for new campaigns or to constantly monitor or alter them. The campaigns generate hundreds of new leads every month, and it is the main reason why Grafical is so happy with their use of Sleeknote. 

There are also some other reasons why they have not looked for another option: 

  • Sleeknote is Easy. The employees at Grafical think that Sleeknote is simple and easy to use, and it enables them to be creative in their own way. 
  • The Employees are Helpful. Whenever there is a problem or something that they do not know the help is only a mere call or chat away. 
  • Available Numbers. The analytics feature of Sleeknote makes it so easy to keep track of how well the campaigns are doing, and also stay on top of the leads that have been generated. 

Embracing Events With Sleeknote

One way that Grafical  has yet to take advantage of Sleeknote is to prepare for the major sales holidays and events that happen throughout the year. This is something that they aim to improve in the future by getting help from Sleeknote to get ready for Black Friday, January sales and other large events that they still have to make easier for themselves. 

This can be used for any kind of holiday or event. In many occasions it is just about gaining the attention of the consumer, and making them aware of what you can do for them. Like this Sleekbar, where Grafical informs their visitors about their assortment of hand sanitiser and masks in this time of Covid-19: 

Grafical SS 2

It is about seeing the opportunities in all events and crises. 

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