How Hideaways Use Sleeknote to Get Targeted Leads for Their Travel Agency

About Hideaways

Hideaways offer personalized holidays to customers seeking unique resorts and accommodation.

The brand’s philosophy: “At Hideaways we handpick and visit each and every one of the charming destinations that we list on our site. Whenever we are describing a Hideaway, we always do so with complete honesty and transparency, so that when you arrive everything is just as you expected. That is why you can be sure your Hideaways experience will be a perfect and unforgettable one”



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Copenhagen, Denmark

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What Was Your Goal, When You Started Using Sleeknote?

1. Collecting Newsletter Subscribers

We started with Twami, where our focus was lead generation and to get people to sign up for our newsletter. In the travel industry, a newsletter is very effective and important. A trip has a high degree of involvement, and the customers often read a newsletter before buying a trip. Our goal was therefore to increase our database, so we could reach more people with our newsletter.

When Twami turned into Sleeknote, there were added additional features, which we started using. An example is that we merged with In-Italia and In-France, which we run from the same Sleeknote account.

2. Informing Visitors

Furthermore, we use the blank SleekBox, if there are technical errors on our website. It is a smart and easy way to inform the visitors that there are currently technical errors on the website, but that they will be sorted out as soon as possible. When we have these technical errors, we use the option that the Sleeknote must be shown after 5 seconds on the same page. Another thing we highly appreciate is the API integration since it saves us a lot of work because we do not need to move the leads from Sleeknote to the newsletter session.

What Has Sleeknote Helped You With?

Hideaways has received a lot of newsletter subscriptions and inquiries. We can quickly give the visitors a good experience, and if we have had a technical error, we have been able to inform the visitors about this, so they are aware of the fact that we have had a problem with the site. Generally, Sleeknote has helped increase our newsletter database, which is really important for a travel agency.

We have increased our database, and at the same time, it is easy and effective to use Sleeknote’s system.

This is an example of Hideaways’ SleekBox on their website:

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Hideaways?

It is important for a travel agency to have a lot of good sign-ups for a newsletter, because the fact is, that a newsletter proves to be very efficient in the travel industry. In addition, our whole concept and brand are built on communication – and the way we can communicate with our customers is by knowing their names and e-mail addresses. It will always be valuable to have an e-mail database. So it is like saying: once you have them, it is a relatively inexpensive way to get customer data.

"I have already recommended Sleeknote to others. We are certainly satisfied!"

Mikkel Krohne Sørensen Marketing & Communication, SignaTours Travel

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

It has been good. I think that the support has been really good – they are open to suggestions, and it seems like they are ready for development and to try new things. Errors are corrected quickly, and they are receptive to new proposals. They improve the system with new features, and it is nice that you can see statistics on your SleekBoxes.

Hideaways Sleekboxes
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