How Horze Got 383,000+ Leads Using Competitions
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How Horze Got 383,000+ Leads Using Competitions

About Horze is a privately owned Scandinavian enterprise that supplies equestrian clothes and equipment for riders and their horses at every level. The products include a variety of technical and leisure clothing ranges, covering the needs of beginners and competitive athletes alike. Horze stores and retailers are established in countries across Europe, and they are developing rapidly in the American and Asian markets. Their ambition is to become the leading global market supplier of equestrian equipment and clothing. Horze is driven by a pride and belief in what they do—providing some of the best quality products for the industry’s most affordable prices.

The Value of Email Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, your email list is one of your most valuable resources. In fact, one study found that emails are the most cost efficient online marketing channel, having an average ROI of 122%.

Horze’ marketing strategy is focused on many channels but one of the biggest is their email contacts. Recently, the marketing team invested in a new ESP system and lead generation is crucial in order to reach their KPI goals and succeed.

Why Horze Chose Sleeknote

Soon after using Sleeknote, Horze on-page conversion rate went from 2% to 5%. This alone would have been a satisfying achievement, but they decided to push forward and see how high the conversion could get. To do this, they explored the A/B testing feature and saw an increase in the on-page conversion rate from 6.7% to 26.9%.

How Horze Grew Their Email List Using Sleeknote

Horze used Sleeknote to get qualified leads for their newsletter. The first way they did this was by offering discounts to new visitors.

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They also created competitions and split test different prizes to determine which were most likely to convince visitors to subscribe to their newsletter.

A perfect example of this is the A/B test for offering a winter turnout blanket versus a gift card, which showed that using the gift card as a prize increased the conversion rate by 298%.

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“The A/B testing feature really helped us increase our on-page conversions and understand what our visitors respond most positively to.”
Benjamin Aadalen Digital Marketing Manager

Final Thoughts

Using Sleeknote for eight of the markets they operate in, Horze has collected 383,000+ leads, with an average on-page conversion rate of 7.2%.

Horze could have stopped experimenting after they increased their conversion rate to 5% but would have missed out on all the other features and performance improvements Sleeknote brings. By using A/B testing, they pushed their conversion rates further than ever before and continue to do so.

Want to Split Test Your Campaigns?

To learn how to run an A/B split test using Sleeknote, watch the video below:

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