How Imerco Engage Their Website Visitors Using Sleeknote
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How Imerco Engage Their Website Visitors Using Sleeknote

About Imerco was founded in 1928, and is currently Denmark’s leading retail chain for kitchen, tableware and interior design, with the largest selection of kitchen goods and brands, alongside many exclusive brands. They have over 180 stores throughout the country and their customer club “Imerco+” is one of Denmark’s largest, with over 1,000,000 members.

Imerco’s Customer Club

Imerco has the largest customer club in Denmark, with over 1,000,000 members. This is achieved by finding new and exciting ways to engage their customers online. As their website has a lot of traffic, capitalizing on that is the key to growing their customer club and email list.

Nanna, Imerco’s Digital Marketing Specialist, outlined the importance of their mailing list in a recent interview. “Our digital newsletters are one of our biggest selling tools. We know that a lot of people who see our newsletters make a purchase. Even if they don’t order right away, many visitors go to our stores afterward and complete a purchase there.”

Why Imerco Chose Sleeknote

The most important factor in choosing Sleeknote was its ease of use. Nanna explained that “It’s so easy to set up that almost anyone could do it.”

Initially, they used Sleeknote to sign visitors up to their customer club. And while they were fairly successful in doing that, they discovered that using it to gain newsletter leads was more effective, as they could use those newsletters to convert subscribers into members down the line.

“I’m not a graphic designer, but I can quickly and easily create a SleekBox. All the elements are already there.”
Nanna Jørgensen Digital Marketing Specialist

How Imerco Used Sleeknote to Guide Their Website Visitors

Imerco found creative ways to get their visitors’ attention and used SleekBoxes to take them to interactive landing pages.

A good example was their Kay Bojesen campaign. Imerco learned from customer feedback that visitors found personality tests engaging. So, they paired them with one of their product ranges resulting in the “Which Kay Bojesen Toy Are You?” campaign.


They also used a SleekBox to promote an Easter Roulette that visitors could spin once a day during the event. This worked by taking them to a custom landing page developed by Imerco where they would have to sign up to their newsletter to unlock the “Spin” button, which triggered the roulette. Participants could win a variety of prizes, ranging from discounts and gift cards to products.


They created the “Scratch and Win” campaign on a similar principle, with a landing page where visitors would sign up for their newsletter to “Scratch.” The highest prize for this competition was a gift card for 5,000 DKK in their stores.


According to Nanna, the leads Imerco got through Sleeknote were semi-qualified. Some of them only wanted to join the competitions, so they would unsubscribe from the newsletter immediately. But the ones who stayed were more likely to make a purchase down the line.


Having almost a fifth of Denmark’s population signed up to their customer club made it difficult for Imerco to gain new leads, as most people who take part in their competitions are already subscribed to their newsletter.

Using Sleeknote, Nanna explained that “We know we’ll get about 5,000-6,000 new, unique leads for every competition. To do the same with social media and Google ads would be a lot more expensive.”

Final Thoughts

Engaging visitors is one of the most effective methods for converting them into leads. Personality tests and custom landing pages such as Imerco’s roulette take creativity and effort, but Imerco’s results show that they worth it. Sleeknote offered them a platform that could grab their visitor’s attention and make sure they experienced the content Imerco had in store for them.

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