How LivingShop Got 65,000 Subscribers Using Campaign-Specific SleekBoxes

About Livingshop

Livinshop is a Danish company selling designer furniture, accessories and home decor products on the B2C market. They have an online shop and two physical stores in Holstebro and Blåvand, Denmark.

Their customers are for the most part from Denmark, but they also have customers from other countries around the world. Their webshop has around 100,000 unique visitors a month.



Lifestyle, Furniture, Home Decor


Holstebro, Denmark

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What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

A few years ago, we decided to focus more on our newsletter, but we had a small email list. We needed a tool to help us increase the size of the list and gave Sleeknote a try. We quickly discovered how user-friendly and effective it was and we’ve been happy customers ever since. 

Collecting Leads

Today, we mainly use Sleeknote to grow our email list, but we also use Sleeknote for other purposes. For example, we have implemented a SleekBox with a survey on our checkout page where we ask our customers to rate how their experience was on the site, and if they have any feedback. This way, we’re able to improve the customer experience on our site.

Lastly, I would like to mention a successful campaign we had last Christmas. We created an advent calendar with a new SleekBox every day offering a new discount. It was easy to manage because of the “time limited activation” feature which made it possible to automate the start and end date for each SleekBox.

“It doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what I like about Sleeknote – It’s a brilliant tool to make quick and simple slide-ins, but also a brilliant tool to make specific, segmented and detailed slide-ins.”

Pernille Bager Ganderup E-Commerce Manager

What Is Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

A/B split testing. We use that feature a lot to find out what works and what doesn’t. The trick is to only make small changes so you always have an overview of what makes the difference in your SleekBox.

Another great feature I’d like to mention is the exclude/include function. If someone comes from our newsletter to our website, it wouldn’t make sense to show them a “sign up for our newsletter” SleekBox since they’ve already signed up.

Want Similar Results?

Today Livingshop has 35,000+ subscribers and approximately 60% of them have signed up through a SleekBox. What’s even better is that the signups they get through Sleeknote are relevant leads.

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