How Matas Use Sleeknote to Guide Visitors to Relevant Offers
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How Matas Use Sleeknote to Guide Visitors to Relevant Offers

About In 1949, a small group of drugstore owners discovered that they could purchase products collectively and receive larger discounts. More and more drugstore owners joined in, and in November of 1949, MATerialisternes AktieSelskab or Matas A/S was formed. Since then, Matas has grown immensely, and they are now the largest drugstore chain in Denmark. They have 290 stores throughout Denmark, and a total of 2500 employees in their stores and at their offices in Allerød. In 2010, Matas launched their customer club, and by 2015, 4 out of 5 Danish women between the ages of 18 to 60 were members of Club Matas. In 2013, Matas launched a new styling concept called Stylebox by Matas. The focus of these stores are hair, nails and makeup, and they offer a variety of treatments, along with selling the products. Now, Matas have five Stylebox stores in Denmark. Matas’ mission statement is: “We want to help our customers feel good, look good, and be in a great mood – for a reasonable price.”

What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

Matas uses Sleeknote for a variety of different purposes, the main one being lead generation.

1. Lead Generation

In order to get people to sign up for their newsletter, Matas uses competitions as incentives. They offer their visitors a chance to win a gift certificate when they sign up for Matas’ newsletter.

Here’s an example of how Matas uses competitions to get their visitors to sign up:

sleekbox 1

2. Guiding Visitors

Matas also uses Sleeknote to guide their visitors to the right purchase. This can, for example, be when visitors are looking at fragrances or foundations. Then a SleekBox appears with a guide to choosing the right fragrance or foundation.


3. Promoting New Products

Matas also promotes new products and sales with their SleekBoxes. For instance, when they have a 20% discount on all fragrances, they want to make sure that all visitors are aware of the discount. This way they increase their sales, but also give their visitors information and value.

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