How My Best Book Converted 22% of Their Visitors into Subscribers (in Only 7 Days)
My Best Book Background

How My Best Book Converted 22% of Their Visitors into Subscribers (in Only 7 Days)

About My Best Book creates personal books for children where the child becomes a leading character in the story. All of their books are written and drawn in Denmark by Danish writers and illustrators. Their mission statement: “With our books, we aim at making life more beautiful, more enjoyable, and easier for children and families with children. A little more intimacy, a little more time together in a busy life…”

Why Did They Decide to Try Sleeknote?

My Best Book decided to try Sleeknote because they wanted an increase in leads and conversions. Most of their customers fall in love with the book once they have either received them as a present or bought them for their own children, so a secondary goal or objective was the hope of gaining even more loyal and recurring customers.

A 22% Conversion Rate In Just One Week

In just one week, My Best Book was able to convert 22% of their visitors into subscribers on their Danish site

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And the success doesn’t stop here.

After a successful trial in Denmark, they decided to use Sleeknote on their Swedish and Norwegian sites as well. After being active for 4 days the SleekBoxes had a conversion of 21.3% in Norway and 26.4% in Sweden.

My Best Book saw that the newsletter subscription rate exploded. They offered a 10% discount and the vast majority of people actually subscribing to their email using the actual code. So it’s safe to say that it was a very successful campaign.

“Of all the leads collected through Sleeknote in Denmark, 54.2% converted into customers.”
Helena Joy Marketing Manager


My Best Book’s Favorite Feature

Sleeknote offers a lot of different features and possibilities but when it comes to her favorite one, Helena has no doubts.

“I think my favorite feature is the combination of utilizing picture and text. You’re able to be creative because you can combine these two. I think when you’re able to provide an image your audience can identify with and not just plain text, it just gives the ad another dimension that I really enjoy playing with.

We’re very excited about the many creative opportunities that lie within using Sleeknote like offering discounts and competitions and guides, so we already have a lot of ideas and really look forward to trying them out.”

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