How NiceHair Got 350,000+ Newsletter Subscribers and Reduced Cart Abandonment by 50%
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How NiceHair Got 350,000+ Newsletter Subscribers and Reduced Cart Abandonment by 50%

About Founded in 2009, NiceHair set out on a mission to offer the same products hairdressers do, only cheaper. Today, they offer the widest range of beauty products in Denmark, at the most affordable prices. Their offering includes everything from skin and hair care products to makeup and perfumes, covering over 200 brands.

A Solid Foundation

NiceHair’s mission of offering the same products as hairdressers at lower prices resonates well with the Danish market. Because of this, the company’s growth in recent years has been staggering, both in terms of customers and sales, as well as their product line. With a current offering that covers over 200 brands, adding new brands and campaigns to the list is easy for customers to overlook.

To build awareness, NiceHair focused on their newsletter, as Jeppe Koch Christensen, NiceHair’s Marketing Coordinator explained: “Every time there’s a new campaign, product or brand coming up, we promote it through emails. And then, we build everything around that.”

Apart from making sure their customers were aware of the latest offers, NiceHair’s analytics also showed that converting a visitor or customer into a newsletter subscriber had a substantial impact on their value to the company. As their newsletter constantly offered new deals, product ranges, and brands, it turned visitors and one-off purchases into returning customers, cultivating loyalty. Because of this, getting newsletter permissions was a top priority for their marketing department.

The Long Run

NiceHair has been using Sleeknote for four years now, and it fulfilled two important roles in their marketing strategy: (1) getting newsletter leads and (2) reducing cart abandonment for desktop users.

Over the years, they created 67 SleekBoxes for different markets and experimented with various offers, ranging from discounts to gift cards and free products. They found that offering discount codes had the best results for lead generation, so those became their go-to incentives. The following SleekBox is an example of a lead generation campaign they used recently.


To ensure potential leads completed the double opt-in, they offered the rewards via email once the process was completed. Through this type of campaign, NiceHair generated over 350,000 leads for their newsletter, which made a significant impact on the company’s sales and customer retention over the years.

Like most online retailers, cart abandonment was an issue for NiceHair. In an attempt to minimize it, they ran limited time campaigns on the desktop version of their site. Using Sleeknote’s Exit-Intent trigger on their cart page, NiceHair offered users a discount to incentivize completing the order.


Throughout the periods these campaigns were active, their cart abandonment dropped by 50%, resulting in the completion of over 2,000 orders that might have otherwise been lost.


NiceHair managed to increase the customer lifetime value of over 350,000 visitors by converting them to newsletter subscribers. Furthermore, while their exit-intent campaigns were active, they reduced cart abandonment for desktop visitors by 50%, which led to the completion of over 2,000 orders.

Final Thoughts

NiceHair’s newsletter is at the core of their strategy, so turning website traffic into leads is a necessary step for their success. Experimenting with different offers, triggers and use cases throughout the years enabled them to find effective solutions that yielded impressive results.

“In Denmark, Sleeknote is kind of an industry standard. In my opinion, there’s no other system or provider that can do it better.”
Jeppe Koch Christensen Marketing Coordinator


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