How Pilgrim Generated More Than 67,000 New Email Leads for Their Email Marketing
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How Pilgrim Generated More Than 67,000 New Email Leads for Their Email Marketing

About Pilgrim is a contemporary, family-owned jewellery brand known for its signature Scandinavian design. Pilgrim has become a recognized international brand, with a Scandi-cool approach to design. They have grown dramatically on the international market over the past years and expect to scale their business even more in the coming years.

The Beginning

As with many online stores, Pilgrim wanted to grow their email list with relevant email leads. They needed a tool that was easy to customize and offered the flexibility to target visitors in different languages on their different sites.

Collecting Relevant Emails

To incentivize visitors to sign up for their newsletter, Pilgrim offers a 10% discount on visitors’ first purchase.

Collecting Relevant Emails

This popup is shown on Pilgrim’s inspiration pages where visitors can find inspiration for how to style their jewellery.

These pages are optimized for Google rankings, so when visitors search Google for certain phrases related to Pilgrim’s product line, such as ‘gold jewellery’, it’s the inspiration pages that visitors see first.

This campaign is especially effective on these pages because visitors looking for inspiration on jewellery are more likely to also be interested in getting inspiration and offers from Pilgrim in their inbox.

Pilgrim’s website has been translated into the languages of its target markets and so has its newsletter campaign.

Translating the campaign into different languages has resulted in almost half the visitors on the inspiration pages converting into email leads on the Swedish (50%), German (47%), and the Norwegian (37%) site.

At the time of writing, these campaigns have generated more than 65,000 leads.

Pilgrim also tested a time-limited campaign. In this campaign, they partnered with Boozt to test a different incentive. Visitors were offered a chance to win two tickets to a Boozt fashion show and a gift card to use on Pilgrim’s online store.

Pilgrim used a Facebook ad to generate traffic to the landing page with the offer. If visitors wanted the offer, they had to click a link to trigger the email popup:

Collecting Relevant Emails 2

This campaign produced a conversion rate of 76%.

A Pleasant Surprise

Pilgrim also wanted to see if they could turn abandoning visitors into email leads by using an exit-intent popup.  

Six months ago, they decided to try it, and created an exit-intent campaign offering a 10% discount in exchange for an email address.

A Pleasant Surprise

The result?

The exit-intent trigger is now Sonia’s favorite Sleeknote feature.

“I was so surprised! We got a lot of leads in a very short time with the exit-intent popup.”
Sonia Solimani E-commerce Coordinator

The UK campaign alone has generated more than 5000 leads already.

Pilgrim is also planning to create a campaign that tells visitors the amount they need to spend to qualify for free shipping.

The hope is that this will increase the average order value per customer, and Sonia is confident it will perform well.


Since implementing Sleeknote, Pilgrim has collected more than 67,000 new email leads for their newsletter across all their sites.

They continue to experiment with new features to ensure they always have the best performing campaigns on their site.

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