How Red Cross Use Sleeknote to Lower Their Bounce Rate and Collect Donations
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How Red Cross Use Sleeknote to Lower Their Bounce Rate and Collect Donations

About Røde Kors is a humanitarian organization internationally known as Red Cross, who establishes humanitarian collections whenever there is a disaster or a situation anywhere in the world. Røde Kors is a great example of Sleeknote being used for something entirely different than email marketing, because of the option to add radio buttons and to redirect visitors from one page to another.

What do they use Sleeknote for?

Red Cross is a great example of using SleekBoxes for creating awareness to either a specific page or a specific theme.

Recruiting Volunteers

Red Cross offers help in Denmark and abroad when disasters strike and in refugee situations – in all kinds of crisis situations. They collect money to help, and it is a part of their digital presence to draw attention to eventual donations and current situations worldwide. They use SleekBoxes to get volunteers for money collections.


They use Sleeknote when they want the user to focus on something specific and lead them to the right page on our site. It could be asking them to help, become volunteers and so on. They don’t use Sleeknote for its main purpose; email marketing, they aren’t generating any signups. They use it as an attention drawer. That means that if you are on an information page about a disaster, the SleekBox helps the user become aware of the opportunity to donate or contribute.

Decreased Bounce Rate

Sleeknote helps Red Cross solve a problem – the problem is, that people might read a text and then just move on. A SleekBox makes the user stop and read it, and it forces the reader to consider how to proceed. Since Red Cross started using Sleeknote, their bounce rate has decreased a lot, which is very positive – so say the least.

The other type of sleeknote they use at the moment is a sleeknote offering an email marketing course. They use this sleeknote on their blog. What they’ve done here, is that they describe what you’ll get when you sign up for their newsletter.


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