How Roede Generated More Than 29,000 Leads While Freeing Up Time for Customer Service
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How Roede Generated More Than 29,000 Leads While Freeing Up Time for Customer Service

About Roede offers fitness and health courses for people who want to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way through healthy diets, physical activity, and mental training. Roede offers courses in 300 different locations in Norway, and they have more than 250 course leaders. Every year more than 40,000 people take a Roede course and 9/10 succeed when using the Roede method.

The Problem

Roede needed a simple and flexible tool to inform visitors and customers about new products and other new initiatives. They also needed to build a strong email list of potential customers for their email marketing.

The Perfect Timing

Roede uses Sleeknote to communicate new offers to new visitors. One of these offers is a new course called Kickstart that Roede wanted to promote. They created a simple campaign to inform visitors of the new course.

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This campaign has a conversion rate of 44.17%. That means almost half the people who see this campaign click through to read more about the course. 

But that’s not all. This campaign also reduced the amount of questions Roede’s customer service would get about the new course, freeing up more time for other support inquiries.

How Roede Collected More Than 10,000 Leads in Just 4 Months

Roede collects relevant emails by offering visitors the opportunity to enter a contest. The prizes vary depending on what the offer of the week is. One example is this campaign offering a chance to win a Polar activity watch:

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This campaign had a conversion rate of 6.59%, resulting in more than 1,397 new email leads in just one month.

Offer of the Week

Roede also runs a campaign called “Ukens Tilbud” (“Offer of the Week”), where they promote a new product every week.

One of their best-performing offers included a 10% discount on an electric bicycle:

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Out of those who saw this campaign, 5.2% of visitors clicked through to the product page for the electric bike.

Favorite Sleeknote Feature

One of Kjetil’s favorite Sleeknote features is the Specific URL condition. He knows how important it is to target the right visitors with the right messages. With the URL condition, Roede ensures that certain campaigns are only shown on relevant pages.

Pro Tip

Kjetil always visits the website in incognito mode when activating new campaigns on the site. That way he can quickly check if their campaigns targeting new visitors show in the right places at the right time.

Kjetil also likes Sleeknote’s direct integration with Mailchimp.

“With the MailChimp integration, we can ensure that our leads are added to the right lists in MailChimp and this makes it easy for us to follow up with new leads and send them relevant emails.”
Kjetil Imbsen Chief Digital Officer

Final Thoughts

Roede has great success with their email campaigns because they target the right visitors at the right time with the right message using URL conditions. 

During their time as Sleeknote customers, Roede has collected more than 29,500 new email leads. They’ve also freed up time in their customer service department by implementing a simple product campaign. 

Roede is not afraid to have multiple campaigns live on their site because they know these campaigns are targeted at individual visitors.

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