How Rosemunde Boosts Sales and Enhances The On-Site Experience Using Sleeknote

How Rosemunde Boosts Sales and Enhances The On-Site Experience Using Sleeknote

About Rosemunde is a Danish fashion brand that aims to give women a “luxury feeling,” materialized through iconic designs and premium materials. They are best known for the high-quality mix of silk and cotton they used in their iconic silk top that started the brand in 2004. Being rooted in Scandinavian values, romanticism and feminine dynamism are at the core of their products.

A Customer Odyssey

Whether you think of it as a customer journey or a sales funnel, the experience a user has browsing your website is an immensely powerful conversion tool. To some extent, this applies to all companies, but to online retailers, it is a fundamental truth they face every day.

Rosemunde differentiates between key areas of their sales funnel and builds around it, creating value for its potential customers both before and after they complete an order. They start by promoting quality content that brings value to potential customers, followed by the on-site experience and continued through their customer retention strategy. The sum of all of these steps and interactions is what they refer to as “The Online Rosemunde Universe.”

A Piece of The Puzzle

For this universe to function properly, all its parts needed to be aligned, supporting and completing each other. “The Online Rosemunde Universe” extended far beyond the website, including social media marketing, blog posts, inspirational videos, “how-to” tutorials etc.

Rosemunde’s content and current offers are promoted through various channels, bringing traffic to their site. As such, most of the visitors who got there already had a good idea of what offer they were looking for. When they reached this stage of their journey, it was important for them to find the right offer as effortlessly as possible, which became Rosemunde’s priority.
They accomplished this by using Guide Your Visitors campaigns on their site, offering visitors a simple way to get to ongoing campaign pages at first glance.


This SleekBox made the experience easier for both visitors and Rosemunde. Visitors got easy access to the latest offers, while Rosemunde could update the SleekBox and link whenever they ran a new campaign in a matter of minutes. When this type of SleekBox was active, more than 15% of visitors interacted with it, taking them to the campaign pages where a good number of visitors completed a purchase.

In addition to guiding their visitors to campaign pages, they also used a SleekBox to sign them up to their newsletter. Using Sleeknote’s cookie tracking capabilities, Rosemunde made sure this was only shown to new visitors and did not interfere with the experience of their subscribers.


The Full Experience, Anywhere

Rosemunde has three versions for their site: a Danish (.dk), a German (.de) and an international one (.com), but they also have large customer groups in the Netherlands, USA, and Sweden. They wanted to make sure that these customers got the best possible experience on the site. Research showed that uncertainties in regards to delivery times and prices were common among visitors from these regions. They told me that “We wanted to make sure that when you visit our shop, you know about our shipping policies and have no doubt that you can shop safely.”

The following SleekBox used the geo-targeting feature, which showed it exclusively to visitors from these countries, alleviating their concerns and potentially improving their on-site experience.

rosemunde sleekbox 3
“We use Sleeknote to connect visitors with our brand DNA. Many online shops offer welcome discount codes, but using Sleeknote we can take it to the next level and create a personal experience that will engage people and make them come back.”
Anders Berendt
Anders Berendt E-Commerce Manager

Final Thoughts

The in-store experience has always been a focal point for physical retailers. The moment a potential customer walks through the door, the visual elements, product arrangement and even smell of the store are all designed to create interest and desire for their products. By comparison, improving the user experience for an e-commerce platform can be considered limiting, as the entire interaction is based on visual elements.

In spite of this, e-commerce platforms benefit from the opportunity to integrate various channels, content types and tools around the on-site interactions to create a much more immersive experience. “The Online Rosemunde Universe” is a perfect example of this, pushing high-quality content outside of their website, generating interest and engaging their potential customers. Their newsletter, blogs, tutorials, and social media presence all contribute to the overall customer journey, adding value to their offerings in ways that are difficult to implement as a physical retailer.

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