How Sofacompany Has Collected More Than 100,000 High-Quality Leads
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How Sofacompany Has Collected More Than 100,000 High-Quality Leads

About Sofacompany offers high-quality design at honest prices. Products are delivered directly from their own factories, making it possible to customize products to fit the customer’s wishes. They have showrooms in 22 cities around the world.

Sofacompany was missing high-quality leads for their email list. To solve the problem, they started looking for a tool that could provide them with a large number of high-quality leads and they chose Sleeknote.  

After some time, they started to explore how Sleeknote could be used in other ways. Today, Sofacompany use Sleeknote beyond lead capture, resulting in not only leads but also better customer service and customer insights.

Offering a Free Sample

Sofacompany knows how difficult it can be for online shoppers to find the right product without having a chance to feel or touch the product. So, they use a Sleeknote campaign on their sofa product pages to offer visitors free fabric samples.

Offering a Free Sample

This campaign has a conversion rate of 4.1%. That means more than 4,000 site visitors have signed up to get free fabric samples, giving Sofacompany 4,000+ potential customers to reach out to.   

One of the major problems that online retailers face is that customers still like to see a product before making a purchase online, especially for furniture and other more expensive items.

The free samples give customers a chance to see and touch the fabric before deciding on a piece of furniture. This is an experience that can never be gained from looking at pictures online.

According to Maria Mai Hansen, Sofacompany’s Customer Service Department is experiencing more satisfied customers, because they have had a chance to feel the fabric before purchase, removing a lot of insecurity for the customers.

Building a Strong Email List with Competitions

For e-commerce businesses, contests are typically effective. Customers like receiving free things and are excited about the possibility of winning something of value. 

Sofacompany also decided to implement a competition to generate leads, making it possible to win a gift card when signing up for Sofacompany’s newsletter.

Building a Strong Email List with Competitions

With the prize being a gift card of 1000 kr., Sofacompany has been able to generate relevant leads. The gift card can only be used for Sofacompany’s products.

So, instead of receiving something for free and never engaging with Sofacompany, winners would still have to buy something from Sofacompany.

The campaign was very successful for Sofacompany, resulting in a conversion rate as high as 13.07% from site visitors to email leads.

Improving Customer Service

Sofacompany offers customers the opportunity to customize the designs of their furniture, choosing the fabric, color, and more. When customers order a customized piece of furniture, the delivery times are naturally longer, and customers need to pay a deposit when they place the order. 

Sofacompany knows how important it is to inform visitors about the delay and deposit, so they implemented a Sleeknote campaign telling visitors what to expect when they place a custom order. 

Improving Customer Service

Today, Sofacompany has a Sleekbox with the above information. The campaign has reduced the number of unsatisfied customers dramatically.

Customers are now aware of the longer delivery time and deposit resulting in a much better customer experience. Instead of the longer delivery time being a source of irritation, customers can now look forward to receiving their new couch, as expectations have been clarified. 

“Our Customer Service department is so thrilled. They no longer get calls from these unhappy customers, who missed the information.”
Maria Mai Hansen Content Coordinator

Valuable Insights

To learn more about their customers, Sofacompany decided to implement a survey on their order confirmation pages.

Valuable Insights

Around 60% of customers have answered the four-question survey. As the survey is shown on order confirmation pages, after a purchase has been made, customers are invested and excited about the product and are more eager to answer a short survey.

Typically, placing a survey on an order confirmation page will result in higher conversion rates than if the survey is placed on other pages around a site, where the customer has not yet made a purchase. 

The survey gave Sofacompany valuable insights into their showrooms. One of the questions was “Have you visited one of our showrooms before making this purchase?” to which 70% of customers answered yes, and Sofacompany now know how important the showrooms are to potential customers.

The showrooms provide the possibility of looking at the furniture in real life before ordering, something that a purely online shop cannot provide. 

The survey also revealed information about their customers’ age and where they live, making Sofacompany able to target customers more precisely.

“The value of the survey has been immeasurable. It gives us so much exciting data to play with.”
Maria Mai Hansen Content Coordinator

Sofacompany’s Recommendation

“Sleeknote is so easy to work with. It is intuitive. I am convinced that everyone would be able to figure it out. If I ever experience a problem, I just write to support and always get quick and detailed answers back. I have no doubts afterwards.”

Besides the fast and easy support, Maria also likes the fact that she can call for advice or get ideas on how Sleeknote can be used even better.

It is always possible to get the support you need, whether it is a problem that you can’t figure out how to fix or if you just need some guidance.

Final Thoughts

Sofacompany has found so many creative ways to use Sleeknote. They are able to give customers information at the time that it’s needed, help them make better purchase decisions, and get more information about their customers.

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