How Take Offer Collected 48,181+ Leads with Sleeknote

How Take Offer Collected 48,181+ Leads with Sleeknote

About Take Offer is part of Daily Media, which includes Downtown, Take Offer, Niche, and Dining Out in the City. Together, the four brands are part of Denmark's largest providers of offers on experiences, with the goal of making everyday life better and more affordable.

The Problem

Take Offer receives thousands of daily website visitors looking for last-minute, affordable travel deals.

As such, it’s important for the company to capture the browser’s interest and collect their email in order to send them relevant deals via email.

However, with few places for visitors to opt in on its website (at checkout and on its newsletter page, which few visitors saw), Take Offer wanted to maximize its conversion opportunities.

To do that, Take Offer made three campaigns with the goal of turning more visitors into subscribers (without being intrusive) and converting a segment of its visitors into customers.

Solution #1. Collect Emails with a Spin-to-Win Campaign

Downtown, Take Offer’s sister site, made a Valentine’s Day-themed Spin-to-Win campaign that offered new website visitors a chance to win a romantic stay for two at a luxury hotel.

The brand showed the campaign on specific product pages and scheduled it to show in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Instead of showing the campaign immediately, which can be intrusive for visitors (particularly on mobile), Take Offer used a time trigger.

It also used a teaser, which meant visitors could manually trigger the campaign in their own time (see below).

“[We] see a higher conversion rate on subscribers collected through the website compared to other external channels.”
Ida Gall Content Marketing Director, Take Offer

Solution #2: Increase Engagement

One of Take Offer’s most popular pages was its guide to Milan.

To convert a portion of its visitors into customers, Take Offer made a popup with a call to action (CTA) to learn more about Take Offer’s trips to the city.

When visitors clicked the CTA to learn more, Take Offer redirected them to a page where they could learn more and, if interested, choose trips to the city.

“Sleeknote is an essential part of our website communication. We can easily collect leads, promote offers, and increase engagement with relevant inspiration based on the visitor’s behavior.”
Ida Gall Content Marketing Director, Take Offer

Solution #3: Promote Relevant Offers

Take Offer made a series of landing pages featuring Christmas movies, TV shows, and the best European Christmas markets.

When visitors tried to leave these pages, Take Offer showed a popup that promoted relevant seasonal offers and linked to relevant product pages.

This approach helped Take Offer convert a portion of its website visitors into customers (and later email subscribers).


Take Offer has used Sleeknote to:

  • Collect 48,181+ new email subscribers
  • Achieve an average 16.87% conversion rate from a new visitor to an email subscriber
  • Achieve an average 66.67% conversion rate from a new visitor to a potential buyer and customer
  • Convert an average of 5.15% of seasonal website visitors into potential buyers and customers


  • 60% of the new leads have clicked through in at least one newsletter.
  • Around 28,000 DKK in new revenue in the first three weeks

Why Take Offer Uses Sleeknote

Take Offers values Sleeknote’s simple but powerful Campaign Builder, its spin-to-win templates, and support that rivals that of other tools the brand tried before Sleeknote.

“We have used Sleeknote for lead generation, navigation, and as a communication tool for almost a decade. In addition to its user-friendliness, we are pleased that Sleeknote continuously releases new features, like its spin-to-win feature, which we’ve had success with. We’re also extremely satisfied with the ongoing dialogue we have with their support and services personnel.”
Ida Gall Content Marketing Director, Take Offer
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