How Take Offer Collected 12,374 Leads (in Only 9 Days)
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How Take Offer Collected 12,374 Leads (in Only 9 Days)

About Take Offer is Denmark’s largest online travel club that inspires more than 400,000 customers each day with travel tips and great offers since 2010. They believe that it is cheap and easy to experience the world, and their mission is to inspire people every day through free travel articles, exciting travel guides, and trips around the world.

What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

Take Offer uses Sleeknote for a variety of different things, such as promoting content, run competitions and collect leads. Especially their advent competition was incredibly successful.

They decided to use Sleeknote because back in 2015, Take Offer launched a new website and they were looking for a tool to help optimize the customer experience.

They wanted to use a range of different messages from soft messages to more sales-oriented messages. At the same time, Take Offer also launched a travel inspiration site with free travel guides and articles.

Take Offer wanted to strengthen their brand and wanted customers to discover and learn about them. The new site is modern and user-friendly and everything is designed from scratch. So they were looking for a tool that offered personalization possibilities especially in terms of the message, shape, form, and functionalities.

Sleeknote provided these opportunities and Sleeknote also cooperate with HeyLoyalty, Take Offer’s ESP, which made the processes way easier.

1. Lead Collection Through Competition

Take Offer collected 12,374 leads with a pre-sign-up advent competition and with a conversion of 20.1% that’s a very successful SleekBox.

take-offer-competition Sleekbox 1

Here’s Take Offers own take on why the competition worked so well for them:

First of all, there are the many possibilities of creating a completely personalized message. In our experience, the easiest way to gain leads is to provide a short, clear message that states the value for the consumer and what they will gain by giving you the permission to send them emails. That’s sort of the basics of our strategy when creating a lead generating SleekBox.

In this case, with our advent competition, we could also use the Christmas branding we’ve used in the last five years and build on top of that. By reusing some content or ideas, you don’t have to invent something new every year, you save time and gain the advantage of recognizability and that’s a big part of our strategy.

“My favorite thing about Sleeknote is the interface. It’s easy to use and when you like to create a lot of SleekBoxes and to test a lot of messages the user-friendly system will save you a lot of time.”
Ida Gall Head of Content

2. Promoting Content

Take Offer also uses SleekBoxes for other than lead generating purposes. For instance, to guide their customers to other pages or new features. It’s important for them to be able to mix the messages and find a good balance between sales, promotion, and soft messages like free travel guides, quizzes but also social proof like ‘Did you know that Take Offer helps 40.000 travelers to find their dream destination every year?’

Ida Gall’s favorite thing about Sleeknote is the interface. She finds it’s extremely easy to use and when you create a lot of SleekBoxes and like to test a lot of messages it will save you a lot of time using a system that is so user-friendly.


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