How Toyota Denmark Boosted Conversions by 130% and Increased Test Drive Bookings by 27%
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How Toyota Denmark Boosted Conversions by 130% and Increased Test Drive Bookings by 27%

About Established in 1937, Toyota is currently one of the world’s largest and most well-known car manufacturers. The core principles behind the company are continuous growth and respect for people. A big part of their success is due to Toyota’s Production System (TPS) which focuses on efficiency and reducing waste.

How to Capitalize On a Growing Market

Over the past decades, global car sales have been steadily increasing, with the forecast for 2018 placing sales at 81.5 million. As a growing market, it presents many opportunities for car manufacturers to sell more than ever before, provided they find a way to stand out from the competition.

Alex Backer, Toyota Denmark’s Digital Marketing Manager, chose to focus on improving their website’s conversions. For them, the three ways to do this were by booking test drives, getting trade-in leads for used cars and converting visitors to newsletter subscribers.

Booking Test Drives

Test drives are one of the most important conversions Toyota can achieve through their website, as Alex explained it: “Test drives are the closest we can get to a success. We know that out of the people who test our cars, about half end up buying them.”

To convince visitors to book a test drive, Alex made it simple and relevant by creating a “Book a Test Drive” campaign, specific to different cars on their site.


Using these campaigns, Toyota Denmark increased their test drive bookings by 27%.

Getting Trade-In Leads

Another way Toyota increased sales was through trade-in leads since many of the people who sold their car to Toyota made a new purchase from them. “About 17% of the trade-in leads turn into sales,” Alex told me. “These generate two-thirds of our conversions and are some of the best leads we get!”

Using Sleeknote, they created a “Get a Quote” form for visitors who were likely interested. Making the form page-specific ensured that it wouldn’t appear for visitors who were only browsing Toyota’s car lineup.


For Toyota Denmark, the concept of “trade-in leads” was created through this campaign. Previously, visitors would go to the dealerships and ask for a quote on their used cars, which required effort and time. The added convenience of filling in the form directly on Toyota’s website made the process easier for the visitors, while generating valuable leads for the company.

Generating Leads Under the GDPR

Aware that the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed policies regarding data and privacy, Toyota decided to implement a double opt-in process for their email newsletter. The added step required to complete a signup left Alex facing a new issue: “We needed a place on our website where we could motivate visitors to give us their permission.”

Their solution was creating a “Wheel of Fortune” landing page, where visitors would have to complete the double opt-in to spin it. Alex then used a SleekBox to guide website visitors to that page.


This SleekBox converted at 40.3%. 95% of the newsletter signups gained completed the double opt-in process. This is far above the global average of 70-80%.

Why Toyota Chose Sleeknote

The main reason for choosing Sleeknote was our single implementation code. Once active on the website, it allowed Toyota to add campaigns to any of their pages without additional code.

This was especially important for Alex, as he didn’t have direct access to their CMS system. “Any change I want to make needs to go through our main office. And that’s a really slow process,” he explained. “I have used other systems and ran into the same issues. I always needed to integrate the embedded code into the website code on every specific page, so I had to get a developer to put in the code. With Sleeknote I can simply pick and choose the pages I want to have it on.”

Using Sleeknote, Toyota Denmark have boosted their on-page conversion rate by 130%, while increasing their test drive bookings by 27%. On average, these bookings converted to sales at 17%.

Final Thoughts

Toyota manages to thrive in their market by continuously innovating and improving the ways they leverage their resources. Identifying the key conversions on their websites, such as the test drives, trade-ins, and newsletter permissions allowed them to focus their efforts on improving the parts of their customer journey that matter most.


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