How Vertical Playground Used Sleeknote to Get a Conversion Rate of 3.3%

About Vertical Playground

Vertical Playground is a small sports shop in Norway, with a physical shop in Oppdal, and a webshop. They sell high quality sporting equipment for climbers, skiers, kayakers, runners and others who simply want excellent equipment for their outdoor adventures.



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Oppdal, Norway

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What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

Vertical Playground needed an onsite engagement tool to collect new signups for their email list.

1. Build Email List

Vertical Playground uses Sleeknote to get signups for their newsletter. Their exemplar SleekBox has a conversion rate of 3,3%.

2. Guide Visitors

Besides getting signups for our newsletter, we also use Sleeknote to deliver messages to our visitors on certain pages. This could be whenever we have a new product or collection, we design a sleeknote with the text: “New collection just arrived, check it out here”. This is a good way to direct our visitors to another page, and create awareness around new products.

What Is the Best Thing About Sleeknote?

The best thing is how easy it is to set up. The implementation took no time, and it’s easy to create new SleekBoxes and customize all the elements in the popup. Also, it’s of high importance that it actually works and collects new email addresses for our lists – And it does!

“The implementation took no time, and it’s easy to create new sleeknotes and customize all the elements in the popup."

Erlend Vognild Marketing

What Are Your Results With Sleeknote?

With our old newsletter signup form we saw a very low conversion rate, and didn’t get nearly as many signups as we do with Sleeknote. You can easily say that the number of signups has increased plenty fold after we started using Sleeknote.

What Is the First Word That Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Sleeknote?

Excellent service, user friendly and very customizable.

What Would You Recommend, if I Were to Try Sleeknote?

Use the A/B Split test function right away! We’ve done a lot of split testing, and by doing split tests you’re able to find out what works and what doesn’t. Today we know a lot more about what kind of opt-ins our customers like, than we did the first time we used Sleeknote.

How Has the Collaboration With Sleeknote Been?

No remarks. The customer service is excellent.

Vertical Playground Sleekboxes
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