How Woolspire Achieved a 4,1 % Conversion Rate Using a Simple SleekBox
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How Woolspire Achieved a 4,1 % Conversion Rate Using a Simple SleekBox

About Woolspire is a one-stop platform for people who love yarn and handcraft. It facilitates a user-driven community and webshop, where you can find blogs, articles, tutorials, events, discussion forums and your favorite products. Woolspire’s goal is to promote knitting and crocheting by providing a unique online platform that consists of the world’s best community and largest yarn shop. was launch autumn 2014 and has in a short time becomes the leading portal for yarn-lovers in Scandinavia and is currently expanding to Germany and more countries will follow.

Why Did They Decide to Try Sleeknote?

Woolspire was searching for a tool that could help them collect email subscriptions. They believed Sleeknote would fit the bill for what they were searching for at that moment, so they decided to try it out.

The primary reason for starting the free Sleeknote trial was gathering email subscriptions. Sleeknote is quite flexible and they tested different things such as the location of the popup and so on, and it worked great for their purpose.

A 4.1% Conversion Rate

Woolspire could see positive results as soon as they implemented Sleeknote, across all their countries actually.

Diana from Woolspire believes it worked well for several reasons: “We had a good offer for our customers who wanted to subscribe to our mailing list, we placed the SleekBox in the middle of the screen (this was a more aggressive approach for us, but it did work pretty well), we had the option to customize the SleekBox to fit our brand.”

In fact, this resulted in a 4.1% conversion rate for their sign-up SleekBox at their Swedish site.

Offering a discount definitely helped drive more sales and generate subscriptions. Woolspire also tried offering free patterns in exchange for the email subscription but not with the same rate of success.

“It was such a great option for us. Easy to manage, and to communicate these important pieces of information to our customers.”
Diana Belea Head of Marketing and Communications

Sleeknote as Customer Service

Because of the many possibilities that come with Sleeknote, Woolspire decided to use it for other than lead generation purposes.

They needed an efficient way to communicate some important changes and they found that the best way to do it was with a SleekBox as soon as customers entered their site. This is harder to ignore than an email or a social media status even if they have a pretty good reach on their SoMe channels and a good opening rate on our emails.

Woolspire also used a SleekBox when they moved to a new warehouse. Here they gave a 10% discount on the purchase as a compensation for the inconvenience of a longer shipping period due to the move.

Usually, customers expect their package in 1-3 days, and handling delays can cause a lot of extra work and simply informing the customers about the delay helped a lot.


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