How Zizzi Got 10,000+ Subscribers to Their Loyalty Program Using the Smart Trigger
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How Zizzi Got 10,000+ Subscribers to Their Loyalty Program Using the Smart Trigger

About Zizzi is a brand developed by and belonging to Ball Group, a company known for creating high-quality custom fashion brands. They have been a major player in the Plus Size fashion movement since 2000. With over 120 concept stores and 1,000 sales outlets, Zizzi is on one of the strongest players on the Plus Size fashion market in Northern Europe. They offer a wide range of attractive products at different quality levels, sporting a large variety of colors, silhouettes and details, sure to meet the needs of all their clients.

How Zizzi Inspires Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key factor for Zizzi’s success. As Lars told me “About 75% of our daily customers are returning customers.” One reason for this is the nature of the Plus Size fashion market, alongside a simple principle Lars explained to me, “The more we can engage our customers, the more they buy from us.”

Why Zizzi Chose Sleeknote

To maintain a high level of engagement, Zizzi needed to invite more visitors to their loyalty program. After signing up, they would receive newsletters, discounts and early access to sales. This approach turned many of Zizzi’s one-off customers into repeat buyers.

So they looked for a service that allowed them to easily make popups that complimented their brand image. As Lars told me, “The main benefit that Sleeknote has over other companies is the ability to customize the SleekBox to match our look.”

How Zizzi Signed Customers Up to Their Loyalty Program

According to Lars “The main issue Sleeknote solves for us is signing customers up to our Customer Club.” They did this by offering discounts and through competitions.

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After using Sleeknote for a while, Lars tried the split-testing feature to find out what worked best for them. He told me that “The Smart Trigger converted 30-50% better than the other options.”

He used it on the following SleekBox to gain loyalty program subscribers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Girl With a swimsuit sleekbox

This SleekBox signed up 10,000 visitors to their loyalty program in Denmark alone.

“The Smart Trigger converted 30-50% better than the other options.”
Lars Klinggaard Laursen Web Manager

Zizzi’s Results With Sleeknote

Lars has used Smart Triggers for all of Zizzi’s SleekBoxes since running the above campaign. And the results speak for themselves. Zizzi have signed up more than 65,000 Customer Club members, with an average conversion rate of 3.69%. As Zizzi relies on customer loyalty to thrive, they are extremely satisfied with their results.

Final Thoughts

Smart Triggers makes working with Sleeknote easier, by finding the most efficient way to show your SleekBoxes, with no effort on your part. Using it, Zizzi is able to focus more of their attention and efforts towards what matters most—engaging their customers.


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