How Smart Marketers Use Popups to Generate Quality Leads and Increase Sales (Without Hurting the User Experience)

My goal for this presentation is to help two types of people. For those of you who are relatively new to online marketing, you’ll get concrete strategies that will help you build a reputable email list packed with hot leads. And for the more experienced people, you’ll get actionable strategies and tons of inspiration to help you increase conversion rates on autopilot—without spending more time and resources.

In This Webinar You Will Learn

Here’s a little summary of some of the subjects we cover in this webinar

What we’ve learned from analyzing more than 15 billion page sessions. Specifically, what some of our biggest customers like Offers.com and Boozt.com are doing to collect leads (and how you can too).

Why you don’t need a physical store to provide an exceptional and personal shopping experience

How to maximize the traffic you already have

How to prioritize prospects that WANT you to reach out to them

Why it’s not the size of your list that matters; it’s how you use it (in other words, it’s not about getting more emails; it’s about getting targeted emails)

Meet the Hosts

In this webinar we’ve once again teamed up with an expert within the field

Rikke Berg Thomsen

Rikke Berg Thomsen

Head of Email Marketing, Sleeknote

Rikke is Head of Email Marketing here at Sleeknote. Her expertise lies in copywriting, content marketing, and email marketing. When she’s not busy wearing down the keys on her keyboard, she loves getting creative in the kitchen, binging on Netflix series, and skiing in the Alps.