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The 10 Best Lead Generation Tools for Online Store Owners

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The sheer size of the e-commerce industry boggles the mind. Online shoppers spent a whopping $517.36 billion with US merchants alone in 2018—a 15 percent increase from $449.88 billion in 2017. 

Obviously, the opportunity to make big sales is out there. 

But to claim your piece of the pie, you need to have an effective lead generation system in place.

Considering that 97.14 percent of store visitors will leave without purchasing, you need to fine-tune this process to drive high-quality traffic to your site, improve lead generation pathways and create irresistible offers. 

Besides that, you also need an effective means of nurturing the leads that don’t convert right away so they’re not lost forever. 

Fortunately, there are some amazing tools that can help you with this regardless of your niche or industry. 

With that said, here are 10 of the best lead generation software tools for e-commerce store owners in 2019.

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1. Crazy Egg

Let’s start with one of the more popular and widely recognized platforms—Crazy Egg

It’s one of the most trusted tools for website optimization with some of its key features being heatmaps, scroll maps and click reports. 

In my opinion, using a heatmap is the most intuitive way to gain insights on how visitors are experiencing and exploring your e-commerce store.

It’s a quick and easy way to tell where visitors are placing their attention by identifying click patterns. 

For instance, the red and orange sections show which areas of this site are getting the most clicks. 

That way you adjust the design of your e-commerce store to arrange critical elements in a way that they get more attention. 

Another great feature is user session recordings, which allows you to literally record and observe an entire user session. 

In turn, you can better understand how people explore your site and identify potential friction points that are causing people to drop off. 

This makes Crazy Egg excellent for optimizing lead generation pathways and getting the absolute most from your visitors. 

2. Proof

There’s a laundry list of stats I could spout off about the benefits of social proof

Nearly 70 percent of digital shoppers check out online reviews before making a purchase, or 57 percent of shoppers will only buy from a company if it has at least a four-star rating. 

“Social proof is one of the most powerful tactics in any marketer’s toolkit. Humans validate their own actions based on the behaviors of others—it’s why we stand in lines at crowded restaurants, buy the same items as our friends and value the opinions of others.”

The bottom line is that people respond really well to social proof, and it’s a key component for getting leads to your site and maximizing conversions. 

And Proof is an awesome tool for capitalizing on this. 

There are three key features that I really love.

  • Hot Streaks. This shows your highest converting products, which works well for landing pages and checkouts.
  • Live Visitor Count. This shows the number of people who are viewing a particular page or your entire site at any given time, which works great for fear of missing out (FOMO) offers.  
  • Recent Activity. This displays a stream of people who have recently purchased from your site.

Proof relies on a simple but effective tactic of using social proof to increase leads, demos and sales.

And on average, businesses were able to increase their lift by 10 percent by using this tool.

3. Datanyze 

Technology and digital shopping go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

As of late 2017, 82 percent of Americans used a mobile device for online shopping, with 35 percent only using mobile. 

So it only makes sense that e-commerce store owners will want to keep track of the specific types of technology shoppers are using and optimize the customer experience around them. 

Datanyze is a technology tracking tool that assists you with that and “provides users with the most accurate, up-to-date information on the web and mobile tools.” 

By finding this information and implementing robust firmographics, you can improve your sales and marketing with ideal customer profile creation, advanced targeting and lead scoring/routing.

There’s also an amazing predictive analytics feature that allows you to create a list of your best customers so you can identify prospects that meet similar criteria. 

This means you waste less time on dead end leads and more time on those who are most likely to convert. 

4. Sleeknote

Okay, I might be a little biased on this one, but I feel Sleeknote definitely makes the cut for best lead generation software.

It revolves around using on-site messaging to engage and nurture e-commerce shoppers more fully. 

Sleeknote has a lot of features, but there are four main things you can accomplish with it. 

  • Collect email addresses. Create beautiful opt-in forms to encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter without hurting the user experience. 
  • Increase product sales. Use tools like the SleekBar, Slide-In SleekBox and Exit-Intent SleekBox to convince more first-time visitors to buy and more return visitors to make repeat sales. 
  • Guide visitors. Create a highly customized experience to help shoppers find what they’re looking for. 
  • Connect with visitors. Offer advice and targeted messaging to address key questions and concerns. 

If your primary goal is to better engage your visitors and seamlessly promote popular products, this is definitely a tool to have in your arsenal. 

5. GetFeedback

Having a reliable means of obtaining customer feedback is vital these days.

This let’s you know how they feel about your products, the overall customer service experience and what steps you can take to improve.

That way you can increase customer satisfaction and do more with your leads. 

There are multiple customer feedback tools out there, but I think that GetFeedback is one of the best. 

It’s super easy to use and offers a nice variety of survey templates that  allow you to customize your e-commerce store. 

You can see what a customer’s experience was like with a particular sales agent. 

How efficiently their issue was resolved.

How likely they would be to recommend you.

And more. 

As a result, this tool provides you with everything you need to gauge the customer experience and take swift action to improve it. 

6. Active Campaign

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of leads who land on your e-commerce site won’t convert right away and will require nurturing before they’re ready. 

Active Campaign is perfect for tracking lead interactions and then using email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation and messaging to increase sales. 

It acts as a comprehensive CRM solution where you can manage all of your contacts from a single database, while automatically updated it with new contact information. 

That way your sales team is notified whenever someone visits a particular page on your site or completes a meaningful action. 

Active Campaign is a great way to automate lead prioritization so you can have sales reps contact leads or send out timely emails to strike while the iron is hot. 

Editor’s Note

ActiveCampaign is one of the many email service providers Sleeknote integrate with. To learn more, visit our integrations page.

Sam Thomas Davies
Head of Content

7. Drift

Say that a prospect lands on your e-commerce store and has an urgent question that can’t be answered by your sales page or FAQ section.

You could have them get in touch with you through a contact box or email, but they may have to wait hours to get a response—an issue that will likely sour a good percentage of leads. 

Or they could instantly be directed to a relevant sales rep or a chatbot with Drift—“the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform.”

If a lead’s question is fairly basic, you can simply use a chatbot to answer it in real-time. 

If it’s more complex and requires a conversation with a human sales rep, a lead can be connected with them in real-time. Or if your rep is busy at the moment, leads can book a convenient time to talk later that works for them.

So rather than frustrating leads and letting them get off the hook, you can effectively route them to the right party to provide them with the answer they’re looking for. 

One company was even able to increase their lead quality by 50 percent and boost sales productivity by 84 percent. 

8. Turnstile

Video marketing has never been bigger than it is right now. 

Eighty-three percent of digital marketers say it’s becoming more important in 2019, and 53 percent of viewers engage with a brand after watching a video on social media. 

And when used correctly, it can be a gold mine for generating quality leads. 

However, you may not necessarily think of video as being useful for beefing up your email list. 

But Turnstile from Wistia is changing that. 

It’s a lead generation tool that’s specifically designed for capturing viewers’ emails either during or after watching a video. 

Using Turnstile is easy.

You simply require an email before someone can begin watching a video or ask for it at a specific point during the video.

Turnstile will automatically link emails to MailChimp, AWeber or any other email provider you’re using to conveniently pull in leads. 

And just like that, you’re able to increase the size of your email list without a lot of extra effort. 

If video is a key marketing strategy for your brand, this is one of the best lead generation software platforms for fully capitalizing on it.  

9. Rafflecopter

Contests and giveaways have become a popular way for e-commerce brands to build buzz and engage online shoppers.

Not only do these types of campaigns generate a lot of interest, they’re perfect for getting leads to give you their contact info. 

In fact, a third of all entrants agree to receive information from brands and partners. 

Needless to say, this can have a positive impact on your lead generation and can potentially bring in a large volume of new customers.

And with Rafflecopter, it’s easy to organize contests and giveaways. 

You can get one up and going within minutes, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

“Select your prize, choose your entry methods and start collecting entries. When your giveaway is over, select and announce your winners w/ a few clicks of a button.”

There are a ton of different themes to choose from that can be customized just for your audience.

Just take your pick. They all look highly professional.

Editor’s Note

Not only can you easily create giveaway campaigns with Sleeknote, but you can also customize each field to personalize your marketing further. To learn more about how to collect targeted leads with Sleeknote, read about our favorite use cases.

Sam Thomas Davies
Head of Content

10. Referral Candy

No matter how advanced and teched out we become, word-of-mouth marketing continues to be one of the most potent strategies.

In fact, “92 percent of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.”

So if you can convince satisfied customers to be your brand advocate and share your products with others, the e-commerce world is truly your oyster.

And here’s the thing.

The vast majority of satisfied customers (83 percent) are willing to share your brand, but only 29 percent actually do. 

It all boils down to having the right incentive. 

ReferralCandy is an awesome tool for amplifying word-of-mouth marketing and provides your customers with the incentive they need to share your brand. 

It encourages your customers to tell their friends and family about your e-commerce store by providing them with discounts and rewards. 

For instance, someone might receive $10 for each referral they make. 

This is actually a pretty common practice among many major brands, but ReferralCandy makes it easy for all e-commerce store owners and allows you to monitor and measure your campaigns to optimize referral activity. 

You can set a campaign up in minutes, and everything is fully automated and customizable to fit the specific needs of your business. 

So if word-of-mouth marketing is one of your top priorities, I highly recommend this tool. 

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E-commerce went from accounting for just 5.8 percent of US retail sales in 2013 to 11.1 percent in 2019—nearly double. 

There’s plenty of opportunities for e-commerce store owners.

But in order to take advantage, you need an effective lead generation system.

In my opinion, the tools listed here are the 10 best lead generation tools, and they cover a wide variety of areas. 

Whether you’re looking to incorporate social proof into your site, create beautiful opt-in forms or increase word-of-mouth, these tools have you covered. 

Which aspects of lead generation are you most interested in optimizing?

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