Are you tired of not being able to convert your mobile users?

You get tons of traffic to your mobile site but nothing happens because you can’t convert this traffic into leads for your email marketing campaigns.

Getting mobile users to convert is a daunting task because your mobile experience is always falling behind compared to your desktop experience.

Mobile users are increasingly expecting a flawless user experience which many websites have trouble keeping up with due to the nature of the small mobile screen compared to how much we want to stuff in there.

This is why we’re super excited to announce:

The all new Sleeknote mobile editor is live!


We’ve worked tirelessly round the clock for the past 6 months to be able to present you with our new mobile editor which gives you full control of your mobile SleekBoxes.

We know that approximately half of all website visitors are on mobile devices and thus, optimizing for desktop only, is no longer a viable solution for you and your business.

Thus, you’ll now be able to convert your website visitors through your mobileSleekBoxes without worrying about the new Google regulations for mobile interstitials.


What does that mean for your business?

From January 10th, Google has started to punish mobile sites that show intrusive interstitials such as popups blocking the whole screen.

This is no longer a concern with the new Sleeknote mobile editor.

To ensure that your mobile pages won’t be punished by Google, all mobile device triggers are disabled as a default and only the teaser will show. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about low Google rankings.

Your mobile users just have to click the teaser and your awesome new mobile SleekBox will be shown. Example:


We’ve also included a height limit on your teaser, to ensure that it doesn’t exceed Google’s maximum. We recommend a simple one-liner and maybe even a small sticker that will catch your visitor’s attention.


How does the new mobile editor work?

The new mobile editor enables you to fully customize every single element of your mobile SleekBoxes, without having to create them separately from your desktop SleekBoxes.

When you enter the editor to create your SleekBox, you’ll see a new tab at the top where you can disable and enable your mobile SleekBox and your desktop SleekBox.

Show mobile

As long as these two are both enabled, every style change you make to the desktop version will be mirrored in the mobile version and vice versa.

So what if I want to make changes to the desktop version and not the mobile version, you might ask?

No problem.

With our new “Unlink” feature, you can unlink any element of your SleekBox. This means that if you want to have two different CTA buttons on your mobile and desktop SleekBoxes, you simply unlink the CTA button, and the changes you make in one SleekBox won’t affect the other.

There is nothing in your mobile SleekBoxes you can’t fully customize which makes it much easier for you to convert your mobile users.

Everything is, of course, still drag and drop so customizing your mobile and desktop SleekBoxes is as easy as ever.

We’ve gotten rid of our locked columns, and replaced them with groups, which gives you much more freedom to drag and drop blocks of content in whichever way you want. On top, below, on the side – anything is possible!

And there’s even more…

In the “old days”, your images and stickers would never be shown on mobile. But we’ve also changed that because we know that your opt-ins with images convert much better than those without.

You can upload your favorite image and edit it in our built-in image editor so it has the precise look and size you want for your SleekBoxes. The image will appear on both devices, and if you want different sizes on desktop and mobile, you simply unlink the image and edit it individually for each device.

We’ve also included a new feature making it possible for you to have side-by-side elements. Previously, you could only have elements such as text boxes, input fields, etc. below each other. Now, you can drag them to the side and have elements next to each other.


It get’s even better:

Under the “Layout” tab, we’ve now included a list of all the elements of your SleekBox, including hidden elements. If you hover over the elements on the list, you’ll see where they appear in your SleekBox. Click on any of the elements on the list and you can begin editing.

Now, you might be wondering: “what are hidden elements?”

If you have an element in your mobile SleekBox that you want to remove without deleting it, and still have it shown on your desktop SleekBox, you can now hide it.


Why does this matter?

It matters because you don’t want to take up precious space on your already small mobile SleekBoxes. Remember that your mobile users have a very small screen and you should use that space efficiently.

For example with a convincing CTA or an awesome image instead of showing multiple images.

If you want hidden elements back, you simply go to “Elements” in the right sidebar and click display on the element you want to display again.

You’ll still find all the features you’re used to and more. Your mobile SleekBoxes can’t have a trigger, but your desktop SleekBoxes sure can – and they should!

With our specific cookie settings, you can exclude and include specific visitor segments based on your existing cookies. For instance, if you’ve places a cookie every time a visitor has abandoned their cart, you can show a custom SleekBox for these abandoned cart visitors and try to get them to complete their purchase.


Why use mobile specific opt-ins?

Your mobile users are just as important as your desktop users, and you’ll only see an increase in mobile users moving forward.

If you want to keep converting your website visitors – mobile or not – you need to actively engage them while they’re on your site.

A mobile optimized opt-in is the best way to do so. It offers your visitors a chance to sign up with a simple click and in a few seconds.

Also, if you’re using another service for your opt-ins they might not be optimized for mobile devices, and you’ll soon begin to see your Google ranking drop.

We don’t want that to happen so with the new Sleeknote mobile editor, you won’t be able to create an opt-in that will be punished by Google. It simply isn’t possible.

Thus, you never have to worry about being punished again, because no matter how you design your mobile opt-in, we’ve made sure it’s “Google-proof”.


What to do now?

Now it’s time to take action!

There are a few different scenarios here, so just pick the one that’s relevant to you.

I am using the new Sleeknote mobile editor — If you’re using the new editor and have SleekBoxes that show on mobile, they have been deactivated to prevent Google from punishing you. But don’t worry – we’ve created new Google-optimized versions of them, so all you have to do is activate them. Here’s how you do that:

  • Go to your ‘My Sleeknote’ page and edit the SleekBox you would like to appear on mobile.
  • Hover your mouse over the mobile icon in the top of the editor
  • Select ‘Enable mobile’.
  • Click “Edit sleeknote” and go to the settings step. Then you just click “Change rule” and mark the “Mobile” checkbox.

If you disabled your SleekBoxes on mobile prior to January 10th, you simply activate them again and click “Edit sleeknote” to customize it for mobile.

I am still using the old Sleeknote editor — If you have any SleekBoxes in the old editor, you have to switch to the new editor to create your mobile SleekBoxes. Here’s how:

  • Log into your Sleeknote account.
  • Click ‘Create Sleeknote’
  • Click the blue top bar saying ‘If you want to try the beta version of our new editor click here’.
  • Create your new mobile SleekBox.
  • Remember to check off the “Mobile” checkbox under “Change rule” in the settings step.

However – you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you mobile optimize your lead generation :-]


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Emil Kristensen
Emil is the CMO and co-founder of Sleeknote. When he’s not busy with writing awesome content and building the Sleeknote brand, he spends his time reading and watching vlogs on YouTube (big fan Gary V). Fun fact: between the co-founders he is the fencing champ.

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