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Trigger One Campaign on Multiple Buttons with Our Click Trigger

Why Use the Click Trigger?

Trigger your campaigns on any button or link

Create one campaign and trigger it on multiple buttons and links on your site

Create one campaign and trigger it on multiple buttons and links on your site

Encourage visitors to use a size guide on your product pages for more sales

Answer visitor questions when they need it

With the click trigger, you can trigger a campaign on any contact button on your site for better customer service

Increase sales by giving your visitors what they need when they need it.

Imagine this:

You just set up new product pages, and you want to implement a simple size guide.

But you don’t want visitors to go to another landing page to see the size guide once they’re on a specific product page.

The solution:

Implement a campaign with the size guide that triggers on a link or button on your product pages.

With our click trigger, you can trigger your size guide on the class or ID of specific buttons. So if your size guide buttons on all pages have the same CSS class or HTML ID, you can trigger the same campaign on all buttons.

Less work and more sales.

Simple Setup

Here’s how to trigger your campaigns on clicks.

Click Trigger in Action

Click any of the buttons below to see a live demonstration of the click trigger (psst…it’s the same campaign that triggers on all of them?)

Learn How You Can Use Our Click Trigger on Your Website

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How Does the Click Trigger Work?

For the click trigger to work, you simply identify a class or ID element in an element on your website and copy paste that into the trigger settings.



When a visitor then clicks an element on the page that has the specified class or ID, your campaign will show.

This trigger is useful if you have multiple elements on your website that all have the same class or ID, such as specific buttons.

Then you can use this trigger to ensure your campaign will show when any of these buttons are clicked.

You can also use this trigger if you have a specific button on your page with a unique ID to trigger your campaign when visitors click this specific button.

Simple Setup

Just identify the ID or class in your button element, then copy and paste that into the click trigger in your campaign settings.

No Coding Required

Setting up campaigns for buttons and links has never been easier. There’s no coding involved, so anyone can use it.

Less Work

With the click trigger, you don’t have to create individual campaigns for buttons with the same class or ID.

Use case

Collect Email Addresses

Do you have multiple signup buttons on your website linking to a landing page or multiple campaigns? Use the click trigger to show the same campaign when visitors click these buttons.

“What I love about Sleeknote, is that it’s so easy to set up and manage. It’s a brilliant tool to make quick and simple slide-ins, but also a brilliant tool to make specific, segmented and detailed campaigns.”
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Pernille Bager Ganderup

E-Commerce Manager, Livingshop,

Use case

Increase Product Sales

Use the click trigger to show your size guide on your product pages without taking potential buyers away from the product.

“We’ve tested a lot of different opt-in software, but after we found Sleeknote there was no turning back. With Sleeknote we got a tool with endless ways to customize and with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.”
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Sillas Sixten Højgaard Larsen

Co-Founder, Wallstickerland,

Use case

Connect with Visitors

Want visitors to be able to get in touch with you quickly? Create a campaign that triggers on a specific button on your product pages, and help visitors make better purchase decisions.

“My favorite thing about Sleeknote is the interface. It’s easy to use and when you like to create a lot of campaigns and to test a lot of messages the user-friendly system will save you a lot of time.”
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Ida Gall

Head of Content, Take Offer,

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