How Fashion Shopping Got 3,345 New Email Subscribers Using a Simple SleekBox
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How Fashion Shopping Got 3,345 New Email Subscribers Using a Simple SleekBox

About Fashion Shopping is a company that helps fashion e-commerce shops with almost everything online; logistics, graphics, customer service, digital marketing, SEO, AdWords and email marketing. They opened their first e-commerce shop back in 2006, and today they’re running more than 40 e-commerce shops. The e-commerce shops sell around 75% to Denmark and 25% to other countries. Most of their e-commerce shops sell women’s clothing, but they have a wide range of fashion shops, including, Gestuz and Matinique. The biggest advantage for their customers is that they don’t need a supplier for every single thing because they’re doing almost everything online.

What Do You Use Sleeknote for Today?

1. Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

We primarily use Sleeknote to get signups for our newsletter. We do this through a signup form where we offer our visitors a chance to enter a competition. Recently we have started to use Sleeknote for other things as well. For example, we have created an exit-intent SleekBox offering a 10% discount, if a customer is about to leave the basket.

Here’s an example of how Fashionshopping uses Sleeknote on to grow their email list – The SleekBox has a conversion rate of 2,2% and has collected 3,345 new subscribers.


2. Get More Followers on Social Media

We also use Sleeknote to get followers on social media. When the customers have bought a product from one of our webshops, a SleekBox shows up saying: “Give us a like on Facebook”. The likes we get from that SleekBox are the best likes, as these followers are already customers.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

In general, the conversion rates on our SleekBoxes are good. The exit-intent SleekBoxes have the best conversion rate, but the email signup SleekBoxes also have good conversion rates.

This is an example of an exit-intent SleekBox from offering a 10% discount. The conversion rate of this SleekBox is 11,4%.


We also have SleekBoxes, where we offer a simple discount code that the customer can write in “checkout”. We can’t see the exact conversion rate of these SleekBoxes since these SleekBoxes don’t have a call-to-action button. What we are able to see, is that the discount code has been used a lot of times.

What Advice Would You Give Me, If I Were to Try Sleeknote?

Find out what works and what doesn’t because there is a big difference in what kind of SleekBoxes work, depending on what kind of e-commerce you have.

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

our customer service is easy to get in touch with and things are quickly resolved.

Recently, we contacted Sleeknote at 3.30 pm on a Friday, and at 3.45 pm the problem was solved. That’s what I call service!

“Your customer service is easy to get in touch with and things are quickly resolved.”
Jesper Fredholm Jørgensen E-commerce and Marketing Manager


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