Helm Achieved a 16% Conversion Rate on Mobile Using Sleeknote
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Helm Achieved a 16% Conversion Rate on Mobile Using Sleeknote

About Helm is a Danish bag company. Helm was founded in 1873. They offer Denmark’s largest selection of bags, backpacks, suitcases, jewelry boxes, purses, umbrellas, gloves and more. Their product portfolio includes well-known brands such as Adax, Bel Sac, DKNY, Samsonite, Eastpak, Fjällräven, and Lego. Helm has an e-commerce and 12 physical stores around Jutland, Denmark.

What Do They Use Sleeknote For?

For Helm, the purpose of using Sleeknote has been to convert more of their visitors into potential leads.

Before Sleeknote, they didn’t really do anything. They had a single landing page but no popups or anything else to collect leads. As a result, they didn’t get that many leads and their email list didn’t grow.

1. Collecting Leads

By using a SleekBox-teaser on their mobile site, Helm has been able to convert 16% of their mobile visitors into subscribers.

Here’s Helm’s own take on why it has worked so well for them:

We’ve tried different things. First of all, I decided to separate the SleekBoxes for mobile and desktop. But when it looked perfect on a desktop it didn’t look the way I wanted on mobile and vice versa. So I decided to separate it into two SleekBoxes so I could adjust them just the way I wanted.

In the beginning, the incentive was to participate in a competition to win a 1000kr gift certificate when they signed up for our newsletter. It worked but Helm wanted to see if they could do something differently.

helm-mobile Sleekbox 4

SleekBox teaser translation: Win a 1999 kr. bag of your own choice

They changed the value to be a product worth 2000kr and they quickly saw that this was something their customers responded better to.

Signup-1 Sleekbox 3
“We got an additional 6.5% conversion rate by having a simple reminder on the receipt page after they completed their purchase.”
Anders Nielsen E-Commerce Manager

2. Increase Conversions With Exit Intent

Besides being a lead generation tool for collecting email addresses, Helm also experimented with some of the other features available with Sleeknote.

For instance the exit intent trigger.

They recently started to experiment with exit intent. For instance, they implemented an exit intent offering free delivery.

Later, Helm tried to change the content of the exit intent so instead of being an extra cost they changed the content to be merely informative. It simply reminds people ‘Have you seen our reviews on Trustpilot?’ and refers to their good reputation.

The reason Helm changed this was to see if it was worth it to offer free delivery. And the result was that an informative exit intent works just as well for Helm.


Anders Nielsen has found the exit intent feature interesting to experiment with.

“I remember the first time I heard about it and I thought it was pretty smart that when your visitors were about to leave any way you had one last shot to make them stay. And if the visitor is about to leave anyway, then I believe you should be so afraid to ‘disturb’ them. It’s the balance of not having too many popups so people are bothered by it, but at this stage where they are leaving anyway, I think it’s okay if they get a little bothered.

I think it’s great that 6.5% of those who already completed a purchase and didn’t sign up decides to sign up anyway. Especially because they already showed a strong interest in us by purchasing. To get them on a list I would definitely classify as a strong lead.”

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