Why Højmark Ditched Their Own Lead Generation Software for Sleeknote
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Why Højmark Ditched Their Own Lead Generation Software for Sleeknote

About Højmark Rejser is a traveling company which has existed for 25 years. They are the largest ski holiday bureau in Denmark, and their mission is to send off all ski interested people away on holidays to Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. We’ve had a chat with Jesper Merrild, Højmark Rejser’s Marketing Manager to hear about their use of Sleeknote.

Why Did You Choose to Use Sleeknote?

We chose Sleeknote because we already had a hard-coded lead generating software on our website back then, which did just about the same thing as Sleeknote – but when Sleeknote showed up, it was clear, that Sleeknote had a much higher ability and flexibility. We deleted our own software and implemented Sleeknote instead of across all five bureaus within the organization. So basically, we chose Sleeknote because it was more flexible and had several functions in the pipeline.

What Do You Use Sleeknote for Today?

We use Sleeknote both for getting permissions for our newsletter, collect leads to send off custom made holiday offers to (these leads are being handled by our salesforce) and to get followers on the social media. Besides that, we use the exit intent feature to promote competition, which results in one of the three above conversions.

1. Collecting Newsletter Subscribers

Here’s an example of a SleekBox on Højmark’s website:


What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

We have increased the number of offers we send out to customers with 1,000 – we sent out 1,300 custom made offers last season and this season we have sent out 2,300.

“It’s an intuitive software system, which you can get interns to maintain and control – and it adds so much more value than what it costs.”
Jesper Merrild
Jesper Merrild Marketing Manager, Højmark Rejser

What Is Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

That will have to be the statistics. Both because it is very similar to the other marketing tools out there, but also, because you can monitor all the data you get – you can go back in time, monitor certain dates and measure performance over an extended period.

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

No remarks, really. You periodically receive great emails with good content, and the Customer Success Team is always ready if you struggle with anything.


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