Pixizoo Engage Visitors Using Page-Specific SleekBoxes
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Pixizoo Engage Visitors Using Page-Specific SleekBoxes

About Pixizoo was founded in 2014 as an online shop selling baby and children equipment, and on January 1st, 2016 they opened their first physical store in Aarhus. They have around 200,000 visitors on their website each month, where 25% of the visitors are new visitors. It’s their objective to constantly develop and adapt Pixizoo to the customers’ needs and wants. A second objective is that they want to give all customers a unique experience, both before and after purchase.

Why Did You Choose Sleeknote?

First of all, we needed a solution to win back the customers who were about to abandon the cart.

We found out that we could use Sleeknote for this, and signed up for a free trial. We quickly saw how effective Sleeknote was, so we kept on using it. Since then we’ve also discovered all the other opportunities Sleeknote offers.

Another reason why we chose Sleeknote is that it’s very user-friendly compared to other lead generation tools. Everyone can create a sleeknote – Let me give you an example:

Earlier today, I asked one of our interns to create a SleekBox on a landing page for Fjällräven, where a SleekBox should pop up and offer a discount code to customers coming from a specific page. It was the first time she used Sleeknote, and she created the SleekBox without any problems. I’m not lying when I tell you that she was shocked at how easy it was.

What Do You Use Sleeknote for Today?

1. Exit-intent SleekBox

Whenever we are doing marketing, we try to include Sleeknote in some way.

Sometimes we make Sleeknote campaigns with the exit-intent trigger that shows whenever our customers are about to leave our site. Then a popup shows up offering a 5% discount code. Actually, we called the discount code SN5 (Sleeknote 5). That discount code gained a lot of revenue from customers about to leave the site.

2. Collecting Leads

Obviously, we also use Sleeknote to grow our email list. It has helped us harvest a lot of emails and has performed very well!

We also use Sleeknote on our landing pages, when we do AdWords. Instead of putting discount codes all over the landing page, we use Sleeknote to put some conditions on it. for example, If we have an Ad for “Cheap prams”, we isolate a few prams on the landing page and combine it with a time activated SleekBox that offers a discount code after a short time. This method has generated a lot of sales!

Here’s an example of a SleekBox on Pixizoo’s website:


3. Service Announcement

Lastly, I would like to mention how we have used Sleeknote to deliver service messages. If our phones at customer service don’t work, we can easily put a service announcement on our website saying “Our phones are temporarily down, please wait 30 min. before calling us”. It is easy to implement because we always have a SleekBox with an announcement ready to activate, and the SleekBox is very easy to adjust. The service message creates a much better understanding of our customers than if we didn’t have anything on our site. I think Sleeknote works quite excellent and is very user-friendly.

“Sleeknote is insanely easy to use. It’s just about having the idea of how to use it and some traffic on your website – Then you’re ready to utilize Sleeknote.”
Nicolai Meldgaard eCommerce and SoMe manager, Pixizoo

What Is Your Favorite Sleeknote Feature?

Definitely the time management function! I actually remember that we wrote to you suggesting this feature, and you created it shortly after. It is great to see that you take feedback seriously.

We often use this function when we run campaigns. For example, if we run a campaign offering a 10% discount on the entire webshop from 6-12 pm, I don’t have to activate the SleekBox at 6 pm and turn it off at 12 pm. That’s smart!

It’s also a major advantage that we can manage the SleekBox by sources and UTM codes.

What Are Your Results with Sleeknote?

The number of signups for our newsletter has exploded since we started using Sleeknote.

The cart abandonment SleekBox has also performed great and has really helped us to make sales to customers who otherwise would have left the cart. We can’t measure the exact conversion rate since we’re using a discount code and not a CTA button on that sleeknote, but we’ve compared how many views the site has with the number of times the discount code has been used – And the result showed exactly why Sleeknote is worth the money we spend on it.

What Would You Recommend, If I Were to Try Sleeknote?

If I were to try Sleeknote as a new customer, I would follow these steps:

1. Think about what the purpose of your SleekBoxes is – What should your SleekBoxes do?

2. Go to Google Analytics and find out where on your website your SleekBoxes should be placed.

3. Book a Best Practice meeting with the Sleeknote team – It’s 15 minutes well spent.

4. Start building your SleekBox in the drag-n-drop editor.

Sleeknote is insanely easy to use. It’s just about having the idea of how to use it and some traffic on your website – Then you’re ready to utilize Sleeknote.

How Has the Collaboration with Sleeknote Been?

It couldn’t be better. I’ve written to you a few times, and every time you’ve responded quickly and with all the information I needed.

I’d also like to mention, that I follow a few forums about ecommerce, and you’re very good at answering questions on these forums and to be objective at the same time. You’re not just telling people to choose Sleeknote, but instead, you say “feel free to choose the competitor, but we can do this”.

Overall, your team seems awesome and that’s also what I’ve heard other marketers say about you.


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