How to Enrich Lead Data Without Hurting Conversion
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How to Enrich Lead Data (Without Hurting Conversions)

It’s a challenge many marketers face…

You want to segment new subscribers, on-site, through a website popup, so you can collect more targeted data. 

But you’re also aware that, with more input fields, comes fewer conversions.

For online retailers, in particular, getting more visitor information, beyond a name and an email address, without sending emails requesting further preferences, is equally challenging…

That is, until now.

In this recipe, we’ll show you how to get the visitor information you need, like gender, interests, and more, without hurting conversions.

Step 1: Create a Multistep Campaign

First, click the campaign below:

Create a similar campaign


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Step 2: Customize to Your Preference

Next, change the campaign copy to reflect your incentive.

For instance, if you offer 10 percent off a new visitor’s first-time purchase, make the changes in “Form I”:

Then, in “Form II,” I’ll remove the name and phone number input fields, leaving the dropdown to determine which gender they are. 

You can ask for any information you want here, including:




Telephone number

And more

Next, I’ll update the copy in the Teaser and click “Save”:

Then, I’ll do the same for the Success step:

Step 3: Choose Where to Show Your Campaign

In “Settings,” choose:

When you want to trigger the campaign (Triggers)

Who you want to see it (e.g., new visitors, returning visitors, etc.);

Where you want the campaign show.

While each website is different, we recommend showing incentives to new visitors after they have scrolled a certain percentage of a product page. 

To do that, click “Change Rule”:

Then, click “Add Trigger.”

Next, choose “Scroll,” change to 35 percent and click “Save Trigger”:

Then, click “Add Another Condition,” choose “Specific URL,” add a product category URL, and click “Save”:

Next, click “Add Another Condition,” add “New Visitor,” and click “Save”:

Finally, mark the checkbox, click “Save Campaign”: 

And that’s it!

You can now collect more visitor information, on-site, without hurting conversions, meaning you can send more targeted emails to subscribers and boost your bottom line.