How to Best Reach Out to Your Visitors With a Contact Form

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How to connect with and guide your visitors.
  • What benefits do contact forms bring to you.
  • How To Segment Your Customers by the actions they take, and create live segments based on them

How to Best Reach Out to Your Visitors With a Contact Form

Do you know all of the ways that you can use Sleeknote to communicate with your visitors? You can use our campaigns to convert your visitors into email subscribers, increase your product sales and also to connect with or guide your visitors. The last two options are exactly what we will go through in today’s lesson.

Connecting with your visitors with a Sleeknote campaign has the potential to help you close bigger deals, as you get a more personal relationship with your visitors. You can also set your campaigns to play the role of a digital assistant, which will give your visitors the best navigation on your website. The implementation of those is most commonly seen with a contact form. So let’s have a closer look at that!

The Different Types of Contact Forms and Their Benefits

There are many possibilities of what a contact form can contain. In today’s lesson, I will take you through some of the most common techniques we experience.

The first company we will look at is Højmark. They are a travel agency. Depending on the season and the time one is looking for a vacation, prices may vary. They are approaching their customers with a campaign offering a custom quote.

The Different Types of Contact Forms and Their Benefits

In this contact form, the visitors need to fill out their name, email address, phone number and shortly explain what kind of vacation they are looking for. By engaging in such action, the visitor will further be contacted by the company with personalized information, providing the content they exactly need for their planning.

Another way to use a contact form is with on page support. Lynton is experiencing problems with their telephone company and no calls are going through.

The Different Types of Contact Forms and Their Benefits 2

They are using their campaign to inform their visitors about the problem and offering another way of reaching out. This shows that they are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.

When in a brick and mortar store, we are often approached with employees coming up to us with offering advice. To give the same support in an online environment it can, however, be a bit more difficult. But no worries, with our SleekBoxes, you can reach out to your visitors and offer them a consultation.

Let’s imagine that you are a furniture company. Your visitor is doing a house makeover and is looking for new products.

The Different Types of Contact Forms and Their Benefits 3

By approaching them with a contact form, you can ask your visitors whether they are interested in a consultation regarding their home makeover.

The last type of contact form we will go through today is a call request. This goes hand in hand with the consultation we have just talked about. Your visitors may have questions after browsing through your website. By reaching out to them with this type of campaign, you give them a better user experience, as they do not have to go find your contact information on another page of your website.

The Different Types of Contact Forms and Their Benefits 4

This example simply gives them the opportunity to fill out their personal information and your company will be able to reach out to them to answer all of their questions. Such support gives your visitors a highly personalized experience with your company.

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So let’s just briefly wrap up what the benefits of contact forms are. They give your organization the opportunity to connect with your visitors on a more advanced level as well as providing support and guidance on your website.

I hope you are now the master’s of contact forms and are ready to implement them to your website!

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