How to Set up Goals for Your Campaigns in Google Analytics

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In This Lesson You Will Learn

  • How to use Google Analytics in connection to Sleeknote.
  • Which goals can you set up in Google Analytics.
  • How to track your campaign performance in Google Analytics.
  • How to understand the data in Google Analytics.

How to Set up Goals for Your Campaigns in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is commonly used by our customers. The tool allows you to build an understanding of your site. This gives you the opportunity to better evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts, content on your side and much more! Not many of our customers however, know the full potential of what Google Analytics in connection to Sleeknote can do. But that’s what I am here for!

In today’s lesson, we will take a closer look at how to set up goals to best track the performance of your Sleeknote campaigns.

Types of Sleeknote Goals in Google Analytics

There are two types of goals that you can use for tracking the performance of your Sleeknote campaigns. The first goal is Sleeknote New Subscriber and it tracks the performance of all newsletter collecting Sleekboxes. The second one is called blank click, which is used for all campaigns containing CTS, which can, for example, be to increase product sales.

Setting up Goals

In order to set up those goals in Google Analytics, you need to go to the administrator view and choose goals. Let’s imagine that I have a campaign running on my website with the aim of increasing product sales. This means that I will need to create what we call a blank click. I will give this goal the name Sleeknote Blank Click, set it up to be an event and press continue. Next, we will have to fill out the category and event name.

Setting up Goals

The input for the category field will be Sleeknote and for the event Blank Click. Then just press save.

The same process applies to when setting up a new subscriber goal, the only difference is that the name of the event will be a new subscriber.

If you are running multiple SleekBoxes on your website, you will be able to track both goals simultaneously.

Evaluating the Results of Your Campaigns

To view the results of our goal tracking, we need to go back to the menu bar and choose behavior, go to events and lastly choose overview. Here we can see all of the events that Google Analytics is tracking, with one of them being Sleeknote, which we should click on. This shows us the information regarding all of the activity of our Sleekboxes, which can be very complex. In order to see a more detailed overview, which will show us a better picture of the specific goals we set up click on event label. With this action, Google Analytics will show us a list with all of our campaigns, that are named based on their id.

Select the specific campaign you would like to know the performance of based on the id and click on e-commerce.

Now, this is where the real fun starts!

Evaluating the Results of Your Campaigns

Here is data regarding the performance of a campaign in a span of 7 days. The first field shows us how many people have seen and interacted with the campaign. Next, we can see the revenue they have created, how many transactions were made and the average order value of those. Next is the e-commerce conversion rate and finally the value per session.

This gives you a very nice overview of your campaign. However, the very impressive thing that I want to show you is the difference between the average e-commerce conversion rate and the conversion rate after interacting with the Sleeknote campaign. This is where you will see the real magic of Sleeknote.

So let’s calculate the average conversion rate of those visitors that have clicked on the SleekBox. The formula is as follows:

Evaluating the Results of Your Campaigns 2

When taking this to practice it will look as following

(15 x 20%) x 733.3 = 2199.9

Evaluating the Results of Your Campaigns 3

Now we need to compare this number to the overall conversion rate. The numbers for this calculation can be found under e-commerce and overview. The same formula applies.

(15 x 1,73%) x 733.3 = 190.29

Evaluating the Results of Your Campaigns 4

This shows us that the revenue that the visitors who interacted with the campaign is 2199,9 while without the campaign interaction is 190,2. The numbers tell us that Sleeknote has made a difference a little over 2000. And that is quite the difference!

What you need to keep in mind is that this calculation only makes sense in regards to blank click goals.


To a certain level, you can set up goals in Sleeknote as well. I have made a separate lesson on that! However, Google Analytics gives you an even more comprehensive performance tracking.

By setting up goals in Google Analytics you will get to see the real magic that Sleeknote does to your revenue and how it impacts your business performance.

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