We know – Life is busy. Staying on top of the latest tips and tricks in e-commerce can be strenuous and take a lot of time – time you could spend on improving your e-commerce.

Each month, we visit a ton of websites in our search for the best tips, tricks, and hacks related to the e-commerce world. To help you save some time, we’ve gathered the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce we’ve seen this month.

Take a short break from your daily work and get inspired by the best e-commerce articles out there. Who knows? Maybe there’s an idea or two that you can implement in your business.

The Ultimate Guide to UX Design for E-Commerce

A good user experience on your ecommerce website can be the difference between a paying customer and an abandoning visitor. Many businesses seem to value their own brand experience over what will help their users. This is, however, the wrong way of thinking website design according to Philip Likos-Corbett, expert in UX design at Spot Studio.

Philip has helped e-commerce websites improve their UX design for many years. He shares all his valuable learnings and tricks in this extensive blog post. Read this comprehensive guide and make sure that you will never lose a visitor because of a bad UX design again.

Read The Ultimate Guide to UX Design for E-commerce

How to Make the Best from the Banners on your Blog

68% of marketers and business owners believe that a blog adds credibility to a website. Blogging is a great way to generate more traffic and sales for your e-commerce, but surprisingly few e-commerce sites know how to get full value from their blogs.

A great way to capture more value and make your customer buy from you is by adding banners. The guys from Bannersnack has made an exciting article about this particular topic. This article is a must-read for all of those who manage a company blog but want to know more about how to use banner ads and where to place them.

Read How to Make the Best From Banners on Your Blog

The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Tips

Most people have dreamt about having their own business at some point in their life. Having your own business allows you to work with what you love and as an extra bonus, it gives you the possibility to earn a massive amount of money. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. How do you get started? How should you market your business? And how do you track your data?

Levent Askan from Prisync has made a list with 101 of the best e-commerce tips to help startups succeed with their e-commerce business. There is no success formula to create a successful e-commerce business, but this list will definitely get you started. You’ll learn how to do email marketing, SEO, CRO, social media marketing and much more.

Read The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Tips

How To Get High Quality Traffic To Your Website Today

Did you know that 98% of your website traffic leaves your website without converting into a lead or a paying customer?

Massive amounts of website traffic is worthless if it doesn’t convert. This is a huge challenge for all e-commerce sites, and many marketers are still looking for the perfect marketing strategy to get high quality traffic to their website.

The guys at Alvomedia has made a list with 10 of the most effective tips and tricks to get high quality traffic to your website. There’s certainly a tip or two in this post that will help you convert more of your visitors into leads or customers.

Read How To Get High Quality Traffic To Your Website Today

Interview with Justyna Polaczyk from LiveChat

This way of blogging is quite different from what we usually see. Marco Mijatovic, social media and marketing guru at Firstsiteguide, has interviewed top bloggers and e-commerce experts from different niches.

With questions like “What do you think the most important part of building your brand was?” and “What made you decide to monetize your idea? What was the first step?” you’ll get beneficial and relevant ideas from other businesses.

These interviews will definitely inspire you and give you new ideas on how to grow your business.

Read Interview with Justyna Polaczyk from LiveChat

Bonus tip: +300 online marketing tools

Christmas is right around the corner, so we’ve decided to include a bonus tip in the November edition of Sleeknote’s monthly e-commerce favorites.

Stephen Esketzis, a promising young internet marketer, has made a list of 300+ online marketing tools that are essential for all internet marketers.

This is the largest list of quality tools we’ve seen around, and as Stephen writes: “If you find a more EPIC resources list than this one I’ll buy you lunch”.

Happy reading: +300 Online Marketing Tools

Wrap up

This was what we found for you this month – 5 of the best and most helpful articles about e-commerce in October. Are you craving more e-commerce tips and tricks?

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