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How to Collect Post-Purchase Feedback

How to Collect Post-Purchase Feedback

If you’re like most online retailers, you’re always on the hunt for new ideas and strategies to grow your online store.

But the best ideas for improvements often come, not from reading articles online, but from your customers.

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to collect valuable post-purchase feedback from your customers, without taking the focus away from their newly-placed order.

Step 1: Create a Contact Popup

Click the popup below to load it in your editor. (You can create a free Sleeknote account and follow along in a separate tab.)

Create a similar popup


Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.

Try it out

Next, you’ll customize the popup to match your website.

Step 2: Customize to Your Preference

Customize your popup’s design and copy to match your website.


Add the questions you want to ask by dragging and dropping the relevant input fields onto your popup.


Use dropdowns and radio buttons to make it easier for shoppers to respond to your questions.

Survey popup

To get more responses, we’ll add a small incentive to our popup and reveal it in the last step.

How to make a feedback popup

Visit the success step of your popup and include your promised discount code to incentivize the buyer to make a second purchase.


Step 3: Set Up Targeting Options

Once you’re done with the design, move to the Display Settings step to decide when and where to show your popup.

First, set your popup to show after the visitor spends five seconds on the page. This ensures that they can read their order confirmation details before seeing your popup.

Show after trigger for a popup

Next, add the URLs for where you want to show your popup. Here, you can use the URL matches option and type your checkout success URL.

Popup page-level targeting

Your feedback popup will now show only to visitors placing an order—when they are most engaged with your store.

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