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How to Promote Limited-Time Offers

How to Promote Your Limited-Time Offers

“Hurry up,” “While stocks last,” “This weekend only.”

You often hear these and similar phrases in e-commerce since they’re effective in nudging shoppers to take action.

While limited-time offers are especially relevant during the holiday season, you can use them all year round to increase sales.

Here’s a recipe you can follow for promoting limited-time offers around your website by driving urgency.

Step 1: Create a Sale Popup

Say you’re running a Black Friday sale and offering free shipping on all orders.

You want to create a popup that promotes your offer and drives urgency.

Click the popup below to load it in your editor. (You can create a free Sleeknote account and follow along in a separate tab.)

Create a similar popup


Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.

Try it out

Next, you’ll customize the popup to match your website.

Step 2: Customize to Your Preference

Start by updating your popup’s design to make it align with your website.


Next, update your copy to promote your Black Friday offer.


Use the “country” merge tag to personalize your popup copy for each visitor.


Now, when a visitor from Germany sees your popup, the copy will read “Free Shipping to Germany,” making your offer more relevant to each visitor.

Drag and drop the countdown timer element onto your popup and define the deadline.


Decide what should happen when the timer ends. You can set it to show a message or automatically disable the popup.


Step 3: Set Up Targeting Options

Once you’re happy with the popup design, move on to the “Display Settings” step.

Set a timed trigger to eight seconds to give visitors some space to look around before showing your popup.

Timed triggered popup

Next, use page-level targeting to exclude your sale pages. This ensures that you don’t distract visitors who are already viewing the sale.


Finally, switch on the geo-targeting option and add the countries included in your free shipping offer.


Hint: You can also exclude the countries that aren’t included in your offer.

If you’re planning your popup ahead of time, set a start date for your sale.

Schedule popups ahead of time

Now your popup will start at your preferred date and time, and stop showing when the time runs out.

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