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How to Promote Your Products on Autopilot

How to Promote Products on Autopilot

Product recommendations are an integral part of every e-commerce site.

When used right, on-site product recommendations:

  • Guide visitors in the right direction;
  • Help shoppers make better purchasing decisions; and
  • Increase the buyer’s average order value.

However, relevant and targeted product recommendations take time and effort to make. You need to keep them up-to-date month after month to ensure relevancy and a good shopping experience.

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to create a popup that promotes your popular products every month, on autopilot.

It’s perfect if you’re using a product recommendation engine in your store, such as Clerk, Hello Retail, and Raptor, or operating on Shopify.

Step 1: Create a Product Recommendation Popup

Since new visitors need direction around your store, we’ll create a popup that promotes your latest bestsellers to first-time visitors.

Click the popup below to load it in your editor. (You can create a free Sleeknote account and follow along in a separate tab.)

Create a similar popup


Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.

Try it out

Next, you’ll customize the popup to match your website.

Step 2: Customize to Your Preference

Customize the template as much as you need to make it match your design.


Next, insert product recommendations from your store into the popup. If you’re using Shopify, drag and drop the Shopify element onto the popup.


Add the Shopify link for your bestsellers and update your display settings.


Now your bestselling products will automatically load in the popup and update on autopilot.

To add more context to your popup, use the “Month” merge tag in your copy.


For instance, your popup will read “August Bestsellers” and update automatically every month.

With our product recommendations and dynamic text replacement features, you never have to edit this popup again—it will keep promoting the current month’s top products.

Step 3: Set Up Targeting Options

Once you’re done with the design and copy, move to the Display Settings step to make sure your popup only shows to relevant visitors.

Add a delay of eight seconds rather than show your popup the moment new visitors land on your site.

Time trigger popups

Next, choose where to display your popup. For example, you could show your popup on all pages excluding the bestsellers page itself and transactional pages.


Finally, choose who should see your popup. Since we want to guide first-time visitors to bestsellers, we’ll select the targeting option “New Visitor” and set it to “show.”

Popup targeting new visitors

Now you have a site-wide popup promoting monthly bestsellers to new visitors on autopilot. 

Next, you can create another popup for returning visitors and promote your new arrivals.

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