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7 Exit-Intent Popup Examples to Inspire Your Own

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

If you’re looking for good exit-intent popup examples, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’ll share how top e-commerce brands are using exit-intent popups to capture and convert visitors into subscribers and customers. 

I’ll also show you how you can get started in minutes, even if you’re short on time or not tech-savvy.

Let’s dive in.

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1. How SkinScience Convey Newsletter Benefits to Get More Subscribers

You know that you need to incentivize visitors to join your newsletter. And with exit-intent popups, it’s even more important because it’s your last chance to convince abandoning visitors to sign up.

What matters most, though, is not your incentive, but the positioning of your incentive.

What is it you want people to feel and think when they read your message?

You can influence this with visual aids and by the way you phrase your message.

Speak your visitors’ language and use words that they can resonate with.

Human culture is compelled and conditioned by pressure to belong, for example. 

And in the below exit-intent popup, SkinScience appeal to this emotional need by using the words “VIP Insider”:

Besides establishing an emotional connection, SkinScience also provides value in their offer. 

The skincare universe can be a jungle. We all have different skin and finding the right product for your skin is difficult.

So, asking visitors to join the SkinScience newsletter by offering free professional skincare tips is clever.

It’s a small commitment for visitors to make compared to buying a product, and it’s a great email lead to have on their list.

Action Item

Ask yourself: What obstacles can you help visitors overcome with your newsletter? 

If you can answer that question, you already have great copy for your exit-intent popup.

2. How Milledeux Combines Discounts with Emotional Copywriting to Invite Visitors to Return

You might already know how I feel about discounting.

Discounting, for the most part, is only effective when you use it sparingly and in the right context.

One of those contexts might be when visitors are about to leave your site without having bought something.

In that event, you can invite them to come back another time and then reward them with a discount if they return.

This is what clothing retailer Milledeux does to evoke positive feelings in abandoning visitors to get their email address:

The headline combined with the image of the smiling girl is a good use of emotional copywriting.

Targeting emotions in your popup copy can double your conversion rates.

Just think about the last time you were leaving a restaurant and the maître d’ smiled and invited you to come and visit again.

Did you want to come back?

If the answer is yes, you get my point.

Action Item

There are many persuasive copywriting techniques you can use to evoke feelings in your visitors. Use them to your advantage and increase signups.

3. How WoodUpp Uses Exit-Intent to Remind Abandoning Visitors of What They’re Missing Out On

We’re all forgetful at times.

Because our brain is focused on understanding and processing the information we’re presented with—such as advertising messages—we easily forget that information.

So, even though you might have presented a visitor with an offer during their visit, they’ve most likely forgotten this offer by the time they leave your site.

That’s why a friendly reminder can work wonders in your exit-intent popups.

Just take this example from WoodUpp:

They run a competition on their site to collect email addresses. And when a visitor tries to leave without having signed up for the competition, they get a reminder.

The copy triggers FOMO by letting visitors know there’s still a chance to join, indicating that soon that chance will be gone.

Action Item

Remind visitors of your offers when they’re about to leave. Then, use scarcity to convince them to take action NOW.

4. How Novasol Collects Valuable Feedback on Exit-Intent

Trying to understand what goes on in your visitor’s mind is a tricky affair.

But a sure-fire way to get that information reliably is to ask them.

When you know how your visitors think, feel, and act, you can market to them more effectively and easily.

Novasol, a European-based home rental business, targets visitors on exit-intent with a short survey:

And the results speak for itself…

By testing this popup on their German and Danish sites, they gathered 18,300+ responses.

That is a LOT of insights Novasol can use to better the user experience on their site.

Action Item

Find the pages on your site with the highest bounce rate and set up an exit-intent popup asking visitors about their experience.

You can even set up different exit-intent popups that trigger based on how many pages a visitor has seen. A visitor who only saw one page might need different questions than one who saw five pages.

Here’s how:

Page Count

5. How Lion Alpin Offers Assistance to Help Abandoning Visitors Find What They Need

I bet you’ve tried the following:

You browse products online and you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for.

Or you find what you need but have questions about the product.

Do you take the time to contact support or customer service to get help? Or do you go elsewhere to look for the same product?

Many consumers choose the last option. And that’s bad for business.

People don’t want to ask for help. But if you offer help, in many cases, they’ll accept.

Lion Alpin was quick to figure this out and added an exit-intent popup to offer assistance to visitors who were about to leave their site:

When you give visitors a chance to get in touch (without having to scour through your FAQ), you’ll increase sales.


Because if you can help them find the right product, or help them overcome the obstacle that was preventing them from buying, they’ll most likely buy from you over a competitor.

Action Item

Make a last-ditch effort to try and help abandoning visitors achieve what they came to your site to do. Offer your assistance and answer any questions they might have. When you give visitors a personal experience, your brand will stay top of mind for longer. It’s a win-win.

6. How BilligParfume.dk Achieved a 61.3% Conversion Rate on Their Black Friday Exit-Intent Popup

During holidays and special occasions (Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc.) online stores are vying for consumers’ attention.

You want people to stay on your site and discover all your amazing holiday offers.

But how do you ensure visitors see your offers?

With an exit-intent campaign, of course.

By inviting visitors to view your offer page when they try to leave, you can make sure that they notice your offers and increase their chances of staying on your site.

This is an example BilligParfume.dk created to increase Black Friday sales last year:

Create a similar campaign


Like what you see? Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.

Try it out

Out of all the visitors who saw this campaign on exit-intent, 61.3% clicked through to see the offers. That’s more than half of the abandoning visitors who decided to stay on the site.

Action Item

Whenever you have a holiday-specific sale or holiday-specific products, use exit-intent to guide abandoning visitors to those products. 

And remember to exclude your popup from visitors who have already seen the product page you’re linking to. 

Tip: You can create and schedule your holiday popups ahead of time with Advanced Scheduling.

7. How Cetina Skincare “Downsell” with Relevant Bonuses

Content upgrades aren’t new.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t still work.

Using content-specific bonuses to encourage signups on exit-intent can be a gamechanger for your business.

When visitors leave your site without buying, it doesn’t always mean they don’t have any interest in what you have to offer.

Cetina Skincare found an intelligent way to learn if abandoning visitors are still interested in their products–AND add them to their email list if they are:

Cetina Skincare offers a downloadable bonus with DIY skincare recipes to collect email addresses on exit-intent.

What’s great about this strategy is that you can add any leads that download your bonus to a specific email list and then remarket to them via email and slowly turn them into repeat buyers.

Action Item

When you create your bonus exit-intent popup, make sure you have an integration set up with your email system. That way you can send new signups to a specific list and send the bonus to them immediately.

8. How minimum Converted 37.4% of Abandoned Cart Shoppers into Email Leads

We’ve talked a lot about abandoned carts (here, here and here). 

But there’s a method to our madness.

If you’re not making an effort to turn abandoning shoppers into leads or customers, you’re losing out on a TON of revenue.

As I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t use discounts too often. But if price is a common reason your visitors abandon their cart, it might be worth trying to offer a discount on exit-intent in your checkout—for a limited time.

That’s exactly what fashion brand minimum did recently:

By offering a 10% discount code on exit-intent in the checkout, they were able to convert 37.4% of abandoning shoppers into email leads.

Pretty impressive, huh?

(You can read the full case study with minimum here.)

Action Item

Determine why people abandon their carts and help them overcome that obstacle in your checkout using an exit-intent popup.

You can even target specific shoppers with different discounts or incentives based on their basket value. (Check out our SiteData condition to learn more).

9. How Sugarfina Invites Returning Visitors to Buy and Become Loyal Customers

Do you differentiate your popup incentives based on new vs. returning visitors?

If not, you should.

Returning visitors have shown a higher level of interest than new visitors and your incentive should reflect that.

When returning visitors leave your site, one approach is to promote your loyalty program (if you have one), as Sugarfina does on their site:

They illustrate the benefits of joining their rewards program in a creative way and with clever copywriting (who can say no to free candy?).

Introducing a loyalty program to returning visitors is a clever lead generation method AND a great way to jump-start their desire to buy.

Action Item

If you have a loyalty program, make sure returning visitors are invited to join–even if they haven’t bought from you before. The benefits of your program might be the final push they need to make their first purchase.

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More online businesses have embraced exit-intent technology as a prime lead generation tool. 

But with the increased popularity, we’ve also seen an increase in bad exit-intent popups that don’t regard the individual visitor.

Use the above examples to guide your exit-intent strategy to ensure a better user experience for your visitors and buyers.

Are you using exit-intent popups on your site? Or are you going to try one of the above? Leave a comment below.

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