Activate Campaigns on Autopilot

Schedule Campaigns Ahead of Time with Advanced Scheduling

Why Use Advanced Scheduling?

Save time by scheduling all your SleekBoxes in advance

Customize active hours to match your work hours and employee schedules

Use scarcity to increase sales with time-limited offers

Show custom messages during weekdays or weekends with special time-limited offers

Keep calm during busy holidays with advanced scheduling

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time

We all know that nagging feeling:

You’re leaving home in the morning and as soon as you close the door, there it is.

That feeling that you might have forgotten something.

Did I remember to turn off the coffee machine? Do I have my keys? Did I remember to put pants on?

With our time activation feature, you can schedule the active periods for your SleekBoxes before saving them.

This way, you won’t have to worry about deactivating them when you don’t want them to show anymore.

It’ll happen automatically—according to your planned schedules.

Advanced Scheduling In Action

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time. Leave the laptop at home on vacation. We got you covered.

Learn How Your Business Can Benefit From Advanced Scheduling

Hey there! Want to learn how you can create time-specific popups for your website? Book a free, personalized demo with me or one of my talented colleagues and we'll give you a live tour of Sleeknote (including how and when you should use Advanced Scheduling for your website.)

Jens Head of Sales

What is Advanced Scheduling?

Advanced scheduling is the feature that enables you to schedule when your SleekBoxes should be active.

The advanced scheduling feature can be used in many ways to make your SleekBoxes appear during custom hours specific to your needs.

You can use the feature to get out different messages at different times. For instance, you might want to offer site visitors a discount or another type of offer, but only for a limited time.

With this feature, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to activate or deactivate a SleekBox, and you can go to bed at night reassured that your SleekBoxes will show at all the right times.

Keep Visitors Informed

Schedule SleekBoxes for opening hours and closing hours so your visitors always know when and how to get in touch with you.

Simple Setup

Despite its name, advanced scheduling is easy to set up. Just set the dates and times for when your SleekBox should be active and you won’t ever have to worry about activating or deactivating SleekBoxes.

Avoid Holiday Chaos

Get a head start on your holiday campaign preparation with advanced scheduling. Create and schedule all our SleekBox campaigns ahead of time to avoid the usual chaos.

Use case

Collect Email Addresses

With advanced scheduling, you won’t have to worry about expired offers for new email subscribers. Schedule an activation and deactivation date for your SleekBoxes and let our technology do the work for you.

“I love the time management function! If we run a campaign offering a 10% discount from 6-12 pm, I don’t have to activate the SleekBox at 6 pm and turn it off at 12 pm. That’s smart!”
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Nicolai Meldgaard

eCommerce and SoMe manager, Pixizoo,

Use case

Increase Product Sales

Getting ready for a new product launch? We know how crazy it gets just before launch, so schedule SleekBoxes promoting your new product in advance to create more time for unforeseen pre-launch tasks.

“We have had great success with the Sleeknote in November and December, where we used it to highlight our campaign items and support our TV-marketing in the same period.”
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Anders Vendelbo Christensen

Webmaster, Södahl,

Use case

Connect with Visitors

Is your customer service open 24/7? Most likely not. Create one SleekBox for visitors to get in touch during office hours, and another during out of office hours. Set the schedule for both SleekBoxes to match your office hours so visitors know when, how, and where to get in touch at all times.

“It was such a great option for us. Easy to manage, and to communicate important pieces of information to our visitors.”
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Diana Belea

Head of Marketing and Communications, Woolspire,

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Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time. Leave the laptop at home on vacation. We got you covered. Now there’s only one thing left to do…

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