Use Real-Time Data to Show the Right Popups Visitors Need to See


Use Real-Time Data to Show the Right Popups Visitors Need to See


Personalize Your Popups with SiteData 🎯

Show a unique popup to each visitor based on what’s in their basket, how much they’re about to spend, what brands they’re interested in, and much more.

Whatever visitor data you’re collecting, SiteData can use it to show the right popup in the right situation. Here are a few customer favorites to get you started. 😉


Prevent Cart Abandonment (The Right Way)

Don’t let your profits get hurt—offer different incentives based on cart value. Visitor with a small basket value? Collect their email address for a giveaway. A possibly big order? Promise an instant discount if they complete their purchase.



Make Tailored Recommendations

You may not be a mind reader, but you likely have the data. Has the visitor submitted their gender during signup? Or just visited five pages of women’s clothes? Send the information to SiteData and show only relevant popups in the same session.



Give Personalized Shopping Advice

You wouldn’t recommend plaids on stripes, why should you promote random products in your popups? Show recommendations based on what’s already in your visitor’s basket. Blue jeans in the cart? Display a popup with white t-shirts.



Offer Product-Specific Discounts

Don’t want to discount all your products at once? We can relate to that. Detect the brand or category of a visitor’s cart items and show a product-specific discount popup, instead. Increase the likelihood of buying without hurting your revenue.



Nudge Customers to Spend More

Once we make a big commitment, it’s easier to follow up with a smaller one. When a visitor adds a high-priced product to their cart, cross-sell them with cheaper accessories. They’ll be more likely to say “yes” and you’ll increase their order value.


Learn How You Can Use SiteData for Your Business

Now that’s an impressive feature, isn’t it? What’s more impressive is, how you can use SiteData specifically for your website. (Hint: the options are endless.) Book a free, personalized demo with me or one of my talented colleagues and we’ll give you a live tour of Sleeknote (including how you can leverage SiteData for your business.)
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See How SiteData Works 🤓

In this bite-sized video, Katarina from Sleeknote Academy walks you through how SiteData works (along with all the nerdy details.)

How to Set Up the SiteData Condition

For this condition to work you need to make sure you have a trigger set up in your tag manager that fires a tag every time something happens to your variables.

The tag, then, sends the data to our SiteData storage so we can determine whether or not to show your campaign. (Note that the data is session based and is deleted from our SiteData storage when the session ends.)

We can also use data from Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce if you have that installed.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce enables product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent with any of your Google Analytics pageviews and events.

If you want Enhanced Ecommerce variables, triggers, and tags set up in your tag manager, you can download and import our plug-and-play templates for GTM directly from our editor.

You can also use a custom code to manually send data to our SiteData storage.

If you have the data, we can trigger a campaign based on it.

There are almost no limits to how you can use this condition. Only your imagination sets the limit.

(Psst…you can read an in-depth how-to guide here.)

Ready to Try Our SiteData Condition?

Trigger campaigns based on any data you have on your site and increase conversion rates. Now there’s only one thing left to do…

Start your 7 days free trial, and schedule the right messages to be shown at the right time to the right people.

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