Sleeknote SiteData

Trigger Campaigns Based on Any Data from Your Site

Why Use the SiteData Condition?

Our new SiteData condition has raised the bar for how you can personalize your on-site messages.

You now have the possibility of triggering campaigns based on any data you have on your site.

To show you exactly what this new condition can do, here are a few examples.

Use case

Brand Specific Campaign

When a visitor chooses a specific brand in your product search filter, you can trigger a campaign and showcase the newest arrivals from this brand.

Use case

Quantity Specific Campaign

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders? Then trigger a campaign when a visitor has added a certain product to their cart and tell them to add a few more to get a discount.

Use case

Basket Value Campaign

If you offer free shipping on orders above a certain value, you can, for example, show a campaign to the visitors who have less than that value in their cart and encourage them to add more to qualify for free shipping.

SiteData in Action

Here’s how the SiteData condition works.

Use case

Login Specific Campaign

Show different campaigns based on whether or not a user is logged in. If you have special deals for your loyal customers you shouldn’t show it to users who aren’t logged in.

Use case

Catch Abandoning Shoppers

Offer free shipping on orders with a high basket value to increase conversions in checkout and reduce cart abandonment.

Use case

Trigger Campaigns on Video Content

Trigger campaigns to visitors who have watched a certain percentage of a video on your site. If a visitor has watched 75% of a tutorial video featuring your products, you can encourage the visitor to buy the products from the video.

Happy Customers

“We considered similar products but none of these gave the opportunity to customize the campaign in the same way Sleeknote does.”

Nina Hildebrandt Birkmose
Development Project Manager, DK Company

How Does the SiteData Condition Work?

For this condition to work you need to make sure you have a trigger set up in your tag manager that triggers a tag every time something happens to your variables.

The tag then sends the data to our SiteData storage so we can determine whether or not to show your campaign. (NB. the data is session based and is deleted from our SiteData storage when the session ends.)

We can also use data from Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce if you have that installed.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce enables product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent with any of your Google Analytics pageviews and events.

If you want Enhanced Ecommerce variables, triggers, and tags set up in your tag manager, you can download and import our plug-and-play templates for GTM directly from our editor. (Read this guide for more information.)

You can also use a custom code to manually send data to our SiteData storage.

If you have the data, we can trigger a campaign based on it.

There are almost no limits to how you can use this condition. Only your imagination sets the limit.

(Psst…you can read an in-depth how-to guide here.)

Use case

Increase Order Value

Trigger campaigns based on what product categories a user has added to their cart and showcase products that go well with that product category.

Use case

Customize Surveys

Trigger campaigns on your receipt page based on product category or revenue to customize surveys to the individual customer.

Use case

Offer Discounts When It’s Deserved

Sometimes it only makes sense to offer discounts on high-value orders. Trigger a campaign on exit-intent and only offer discounts to orders above a certain amount.

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