HTML-Specific SleekBoxes

Trigger Page-Specific Campaigns on HTML Content

Why Use HTML Conditions?

Customize messages in your checkout flow

Show custom messages based on where your visitors are in your checkout flow

Show or hide SleekBoxes based on HTML content

Decide exactly what pages your SleekBoxes should be shown on

Create different SleekBoxes for multiple pages

Show different messages on pages with the same URL without worrying about annoying visitors

If you’re running an online business, it’s likely you have a checkout flow.

Now, let me ask you a question:

Does your checkout flow have the same URL structure throughout? Meaning the URL doesn’t change when potential buyers go through each checkout step?

If you do, our HTML condition is for you!

With our HTML condition, you can trigger custom SleekBoxes based on the HTML content of a specific page. This enables you to customize your message to where your visitors are in your checkout flow.

Are they at the beginning of the checkout? Then offer to save their cart.

Are they at the end? Convince visitors to complete their order with free shipping or a discount code (rather than abandon your site).

With HTML conditions, the options are endless.

Simple Two-Minute Setup

Here’s how to identify and set up HTML conditions for your SleekBoxes

Learn How You Can Use Our HTML Condition for Your Business

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How Does HTML Conditions Work?

The HTML condition lets you hide or show a SleekBox based on the HTML content of a specific page.

This means if you have multiple pages under the same URL (such as your checkout), you can hide or show SleekBoxes on one or more of these individual pages.

The only thing you need to do is identify an HTML element on your page that’s unique, and then insert the id and value in the settings of your SleekBox.

Besides setting the HTML condition, you should also set a trigger for your SleekBox to make sure it’s shown at the right time.

Small Code = Big Difference

With just a small piece of HTML code, your SleekBoxes become even more personal and relevant to the individual visitor on your site

Simple Setup

Just identify the id and value for your HTML element, then copy and paste that into the HTML condition in your SleekBox settings

Avoid URL Glitches

With the HTML condition, you avoid having the same SleekBox appear on all pages under the same URL

Use case

Collect Email Addresses

Turn your abandoning prospects into profitable leads by showing the right message to the right prospect at the right time during checkout.

“What I love about Sleeknote, is that it’s so easy to set up and manage. It’s a brilliant tool to make quick and simple slide-ins, but also a brilliant tool to make specific, segmented and detailed slide-ins.”
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Pernille Bager Ganderup

E-Commerce Manager, Livingshop,

Use case

Connect with Visitors

Is there a higher drop-off rate at a particular step in your checkout? Use an HTML-specific SleekBox to invite abandoning visitors to get in touch and get the feedback you need to optimize your checkout for higher conversions.

“We’ve tested a lot of different opt-in software, but after we found Sleeknote there was no turning back. With Sleeknote we got a tool with endless ways to customize and with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.”
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Christian Harboe

Co-Founder, Blacksnow,

Use case

Guide Your Visitors

Are potential buyers abandoning carts at the beginning of checkout? Show them an HTML-specific SleekBox when they’re about to leave and ask them to check out your size guide to help them choose the right size.

“We quickly saw how effective Sleeknote was, so we kept on using it. Since then we’ve also discovered all the other opportunities Sleeknote offers.”
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Nicolai Meldgaard

eCommerce and SoMe manager, Pixizoo,

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