New Sleeknote Analytics

Dive Deeper into Your Campaign Performance with Our New Advanced Analytics

Why Use the New Advanced Analytics?

Leads by Device and Geography

See what devices and geographical areas your leads from a specific campaign are coming from

Leads by Source

See what sources your leads from a specific campaign come from when they first enter your site

Campaign Impact on Goal

See how your campaigns impact your selected goal. For example, how many visitors reach your goal after seeing your campaign

We know how important it is for our customers to be able to see how their campaigns are performing without having to spend hours in Google Analytics.

Up until now, you’ve been able to see the number of views, leads and the conversion rate for your individual campaigns directly in the Sleeknote dashboard.

But now, we’ve taken it one step further and created a dedicated page for your campaign analytics and added more in-depth data you can use to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

With the new advanced analytics, you can see where your leads are coming from geographically, based on device, and from which online sources they come from when they first enter your site.

But that’s not all…

You can also see how your campaigns affect your overall goals. For example, if one of your goals is for visitors to reach your receipt page, you can see if visitors who see your campaign or click the call-to-action in your campaign are more or less likely to reach your receipt page.

That way you can quickly determine how effective your campaigns are.

Happy Customers

“We considered similar products but none of these gave the opportunity to customize the popups in the same way Sleeknote does.”

Nina Hildebrandt Birkmose
Development Project Manager, DK Company

How Does the New Advanced Analytics Work?

First, you choose which campaign(s) you want to see statistics for.

Then you set the date range for the statistics, and you choose your goal.

Scroll down to see leads by device, leads by source, leads by geography, and how your selected campaign views and leads have impacted your selected goal.

If you hover over the percentages, you can see how we calculated the effect of your campaign(s).

Identify New Audiences

Use the new analytics to see if you’re missing out. See which devices and geographical areas your leads are coming from and identify new audience segments.

Simple Overview

You no longer have to spend hours in Google Analytics to go deeper into your campaign performance.

Optimize Based on Data

With the new advanced analytics, you can quickly determine which campaigns aren’t performing and optimize based on in-depth data.

Ready to Experience Our New Advanced Analytics?

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