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The family consists of hand-picked specialists, offering online stores tailored SEO advice and help to execute the ideas. was founded in 2009 by two men, Torbjørn Flensted and Kim Hove. Since then the company has grown to more employees and in 2014 they launched the first version of the unique Big Data SEO platform, forming the base of everything does – and then they use Sleeknote. Signe Morell, COO and Search Manager, has offered insight in’s use of Sleeknote.


We have recommended Sleeknote to some of our customers and have helped them setting it up as well. The level of user friendliness is amazing.

Signe Morell

COO and Search Manager,

What is unique about

We focus on the customer’s needs and the customer’s concept. We have had great success helping our customers reach their goals and going that extra mile, simply because we value their concepts and ideas.

What was your goal, when you started using Sleeknote?

Our goal was to get visitors to sign up for our newsletter, enabling us to share our tips and tricks with our SEO customers. People interested in SEO isn’t just potential customers, but regular people – which means they might want to sign up for our newsletter and get their hands on some great SEO tips. Of course, it benefits our business, but it is an extra service for our subscribers as well. We use our newsletter to share some of our SEO knowledge with people who are interested.

It has definitely given us more newsletter subscribers, which was our primary target.

What is the result after using Sleeknote?

Since we started using Sleeknote, we have collected 59 new leads – which means we have gone from zero to 59, which proves the Sleeknote’s effect. We have had Sleeknote before, were it was placed in the corner, but now we have a pop-up, which performs a lot better. The visitors can sign up for courses or social gatherings, which they are made aware of through the Sleeknote box.

This is an example of’s Sleeknote box from their website: - slidein example

Why is email marketing important for

Simply to make people aware of our competencies, to get more customers and to spread the message, when we are successful in achieving our and our customers’ goals.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

It has been a blast setting up, because it is extremely user-friendly. I have barely needed customer services’ help, as it is easy to manage independently. We have recommended Sleeknote to some of our customers and have helped them setting it up as well. The level of user friendliness is amazing.

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Email marketing is important for as it gives them the possibility to make people aware of their competencies. They use Sleeknote to build a great email list. Do you need a tool to build your email list?

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