Case Study With Campaign Monitor

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About Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tool to manage and automate your email marketing. They launched their software in 2004, and today they have more than 200 employees across 20 cities and +200,000 paying customers.

Their goal is “To make it easy for anyone to send beautiful emails to their audience”, and that’s why they offer a wide range of features and templates that will help you create gorgeous email campaigns.

They are also known for their email marketing blog, which is a must read for every marketer interested in email marketing.

Some of their biggest customers are Lacoste, Disney, Showtime and Adidas.


What do they use Sleeknote for?

Campaign Monitor mainly uses Sleeknote to get people to sign up for their newsletter. At the moment they have 2 types of sleeknotes active.

The first one is a sleeknote asking their visitors to subscribe to their newsletters. They have decided only to show this sleeknote on their “guides” page with the include/exclude feature that makes them able to choose what pages the sleeknote will be visible on. This is how the guide site from their website looks:

When you click on one of the guides, a sleeknote shows up after 15 seconds. They use social proof in the sleeknote as they say “Join over 20,000 other marketers who get actionable tips on improving their email marketing delivered to their inbox”.

Wouldn’t you be afraid to miss out? See an example of the sleeknote here:

The other type of sleeknote they use at the moment is a sleeknote offering an email marketing course. They use this sleeknote on their blog. What they’ve done here, is that they describe what you’ll get when you sign up for their newsletter.

See an example of the sleeknote here:

When people have entered their email addresses and subscribed for the newsletter, they’ll see this message:

Very simple, but yet still effective.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Campaign Monitor use Sleeknote to get more subscribers for their newsletter.

Do you also want a tool to get more subscribers for your newsletter? Do like Campaign Monitor, and sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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