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Tell us about Gestuz

Gestuz is a Danish fashion brand, designing and manufacturing women’s clothes. Gestuz was founded in 2008 by Susanne Sehested and has since then become known in both Denmark but in other countries as well for exclusive, affordable and not to forget fashionable items. It has both physical stores but an online store as well. The web page has a .dk and .com domain, with worldwide shipping.

Nina Birkmose is the webmaster for, which is a Danish company running over 30 webshops. helps with everything from web page setup to SEO and Adwords and logistics – they strive to offer the whole package, so the different webshop owners only need one partner: Fashionshopping. Fashionshopping runs Gestuz online store and have decided to use Sleeknote to collect emails for the Gestuz newsletter.

Gestuz’ website:
Fashionshopping’s website:

It is a fantastic branding possibility, and Sleeknote has been an excellent tool to generate leads.

Nina Birkmose


What was your goal, when you started using Sleeknote?

Our overall goal was to get more sign ups for our Gestuz newsletter. Before we decided to try out Sleeknote we didn’t get a lot of sign-ups. Our idea was that Sleeknote could help us grow our mailing list.

What has Sleeknote helped you with?

Since we started using Sleeknote, the amount of sign-ups has increased. and have collected 1500 new sign ups each, which we are really happy about. The conversion rate is 2,2 on the .com site and 2,7 on the Danish one. On the two Gestuz sites, our primary focus is on newsletters – but Fashionshopping uses Sleeknote for some of our other sites as well, where we intend to run different split-tests.

Here’s an example of how Gestuz uses Sleeknote on their website:

Gestuz - popup example

Why is email marketing important to Gestuz?

It is a great way of generating revenue and get loyal customers. Whenever we want to communicate news such as new styles, newsletters are a good way to do it. It is a fantastic branding possibility, and Sleeknote has been an excellent tool to generate leads.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

It has been absolutely fine. When I started, I was shown how to use Sleeknote and what the different functions can do. Whenever I have faced any issues or challenges, they have been solved instantly.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Gestuz have a conversion rate of 2,7 % after using Sleeknote on their sites, and they have gathered more than 1500 new leads on each site. Do you want to increase your conversion rate as well?

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