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Tell us about GrejFreak

I established GrejFreak in 2008 with my friend Casper Pedersen, who has been my friend since childhood. I was in the danish military and realized that there was a potential market in selling military equipment, so that was the only thing we sold at the beginning. Since then, we’ve extended our range of products and today we sell all kinds of hunting, military and outdoor equipment.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get an even wider range of products within the coming years, and end up as a huge ecommerce that sells all kinds of products that relates to outdoor activities.

2 years ago, we didn’t have any employees besides Casper and myself. We’ve grown explosively since then, and today we are 14 people, and we became a gazelle company this year.

We have around 100,000 visitors on our website each month and 90% of the visitors are men.


It’s super easy to get started with Sleeknote. You’re able to do it all by yourself.

Kristian Juel Rasmussen

Co-Founder, GrejFreak

Why did you choose Sleeknote?

We needed a user friendly tool that was simple to use and was able to make a different kind of announcement on our website such as “Sign up for our newsletter” or “20% discount on all our products today”. We asked our SEO bureau what tool they would recommend, and they recommended Sleeknote, as they’ve heard good things about you from your other customers.

Also, we like the idea about clustering, and since both Grejfreak and Sleeknote is based in Aarhus it made the choice easy. But the main reason we chose you was because our SEO bureau recommended Sleeknote.

Afterwards, we discovered how easy the implementation of Sleeknote was. We asked our IT-guy to implement it and he only spent 2 minutes doing it. The smart thing is that when it’s implemented, it’s easy to log in to the Sleeknote Dashboard and change our sleeknotes.

I was actually creating a campaign the other day. I didn’t have much time, and I was on an old laptop because I wasn’t at the office. I tried to create something fast in MS Paint and put it into the new sleeknote – and the sleeknote has a brilliant conversion rate of 4,5%.

See the sleeknote Kristian created in MS paint here:

In sale periods we write a newsletter and advertise heavily on facebook. This gives a fair amount of sale, but the moment we activate a sleeknote telling people that we have sales the amount of sale increases a lot.

Kristian Juel Rasmussen

Co-Founder, GrejFreak

What do you use Sleeknote for today?

It’s a combination of three things; Get more subscribers for our newsletter, announce new offers and service announcements.

Our products are not only delivered between Monday and Friday, but also on Saturdays. We activate a sleeknote Thursday evening saying “Make your order today or tomorrow and get your products Saturday”. We did something similar last christmas with a sleeknote saying “You still have time! Make your order before 23rd of December and receive it before Christmas Eve”. This is just a few of the ways we use Sleeknote to create service announcements.

See the sleeknote Grejfreak used last Christmas here:

I plan to use Sleeknote when we do surveys too. We’ve used other tools that are good at creating surveys. The problem with these tools is that they are very hard to implement as a pop up, and we ran into a lot of trouble last time. We know that Sleeknote is easy to implement and just works, so I’m gonna use Sleeknote next time I’m creating a survey.

What are your results with Sleeknote?

We ask our customers to sign up for our newsletter when they’ve purchased something and we also ask our 30,000 facebook followers to sign up for the newsletter. Still, this doesn’t give many signups compared to when our sleeknote is active.
We get twice as many subscribers when the sleeknote is active than when the sleeknote is disabled.

In sale periods we write a newsletter and advertise heavily on facebook. This gives a fair amount of sale, but the moment we activate a sleeknote telling people that we have sales the amount of sale increases a lot.

What is your favorite Sleeknote feature?

I don’t know if it’s a feature but the drag-n-drop function in the editor is brilliant.

What would you tell me, if I were to try Sleeknote?

It’s super easy to get started. You’re able to do it all by yourself. The only thing we needed help for was to ensure that the code to implement Sleeknote came in the right place, and it didn’t take more than two minutes. It is by no means complicated.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

We’ve only had problems a few times, but each time, you have responded fast on the chat or email. I’ve also called you 1 or 2 times, and each time your support responded immediately and solved my problem. I only have positive things to say about your customer service.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

GrejFreak use Sleeknote for three things; To get more subscribers for their newsletter, to announce new offers and to give service announcements. They get twice as many subscribers when their sleeknotes is active than when it’s disabled.

Do you want to see what Sleeknote can do for your business? Sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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