Case Study With IDEmøbler

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Tell us about IDEmøbler

The first Idemøbler shop opened in 1969 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Today we have 36 physical stores in Denmark and an online store. We sell all kinds of furniture, accessories and home decor products.

Today, most of our revenue comes from the physical stores, but we’re getting more and more revenue from our online store. Therefore, we have chosen to put more effort into our online store.

Every day we strive to be the best to provide, advise and inspire people to create lovely and personal homes.


We signed up for a free trial at Sleeknote and found out how easy it was to create good looking popups and opt-ins, and we’ve been customers ever since.

Martin Vad Jespersen

eCommerce Coordinator, IDEmøbler

Why did you choose Sleeknote?

We had a basic need for getting more subscribers to our newsletter. Back then, we had a basic signup form on our site, but we needed a more flexible tool where we could customize our popups, show pictures and other stuff. We signed up for a free trial at Sleeknote and found out how easy it was to create good looking popups and opt-ins, and we’ve been customers ever since.

What do you use Sleeknote for today?

We use Sleeknote for 3 things:

1) Collect signups for our newsletter
2) Show relevant content on relevant sites
3) Redirect our customers during campaigns

Our experience is that the conversion rate of our sleeknotes increase significantly when we show relevant content on relevant sites. If a visitor is looking for lamps on our site, we show them a sleeknote offering our lamp catalogue.

Here is the sleeknote that offers a lamp catalogue from their website:

We are also very promotion driven, which means that we often have huge discounts for a short period of time. We use Sleeknote to share the message and direct our visitors to the campaign pages.

Lastly, I would like to mention that we’re celebrating our birthday on the site right now. We have created a Sleeknote that leads to a landing page with a competition. To participate in the competition, the visitor has to subscribe to our newsletter and this has given +30,000 leads.

The Sleeknote has a conversion rate of 18,4%. See it below:

What are your results with Sleeknote?

Besides using Sleeknote on, we also use Sleeknote on

In total, our sleeknotes have been viewed +4,000,000 times. It has acquired +145,000 leads, which gives us a conversion rate of 3.3%.

What is the best thing about Sleeknote?

Sleeknote is super flexible!

You’re able to show different sleeknotes on different sites, which gives you a lot of possibilities. You can segment from the beginning, and increase your conversion rate by using relevant content. This way, you avoid doing scattershot marketing.

Describe Sleeknote with one sentence.

Sleeknote is a flexible tool that is easy to implement, and can be used in many different ways.

What advice would you give me, if I were to try Sleeknote?

Use the A/B split testing feature. Sometimes you get surprised when you see what works and what doesn’t. This is the best way to ensure that you always have the highest performing sleeknotes on your site.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

I only have good things to say about the support team. The response time is fast and helpful, and they always have time to chat with you.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Idemøbler had a basic need for getting more subscribers to their newsletter. They gave Sleeknote a try – And today they have acquired more than 145.000 leads with Sleeknote.

Do you also want to get more subscribers for your newsletter? Do like Idemøbler, and sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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