Case Study With Irma

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About Irma

The first Irma store opened in 1886 which makes them the oldest supermarket chain in Denmark, and the second oldest in Europe.

Irma’s mission is to ensure that their customers get groceries of high quality in inspiring shops with excellent customer service. Therefore, they only sell high-quality products.

Irma’s vision is to be the most innovative grocery business and develop the supermarket business. As an example, Irma was the first supermarket chain in Denmark that opened a self-service store, which means that they gave their customers the opportunity to put goods in their basket and walk around in the store on their own.

Today, they have 81 physical stores located on Zealand, Denmark and an online shop.


What do they use Sleeknote for?

Irma uses Sleeknote for a variety of different purposes. First of all, they use Sleeknote to get subscribers for their newsletter. Instead of asking for an email address in the sleeknote, they link to an external landing page with an application form. This way their sleeknote is less intrusive.

See the sleeknote from their website here:

They’ve also used Sleeknote to gather responses to a survey. They did this in the same way as when they collect signups for their newsletter. Instead of asking the questions in the sleeknote, they link to an external page with the CTA button.

Here is an example of the sleeknote they used. It says: “Would you like to share your experience with us?”

Last time Irma celebrated their birthday, they created a competition where the 5 winners had 129 seconds to take all the goods they wanted from Irma. They used Sleeknote to direct their visitors to a landing page, where they had to give their emails in order to participate in the competition. In this case, they use a Sleeknote popup instead of a slide-in.

See the sleeknote here:

Lastly, Irma uses Sleeknote to promote specific products or offers, and to share discount codes. As an example, they sometimes have free delivery for a short time period and use a sleeknote to tell their customers about it.

See how in this example from their website:

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Irma have been very creative in the ways they use Sleeknote.

Do you have a good idea to how you can use Sleeknote for your business, or do you just want to get creative? Do like Irma, and sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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