Case Study With STS Alpresor

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Tell us about STS Alpresor

STS Alpresor was founded in 1976 by the Magnusson-family, and it is still family-owned. STS started out with language travels, but we have offered charter trips to the Alps since 1976. STS Alpresor is today the largest organizer of trips to the Alps.

In addition to STS Alpresor (SE) we have the following brands: STS Alperejser (DK), STS, STS Alpereiser (NO), and The company also owns 6 hotels in Bad Gastein, where Hotel Salzburger Hof – a very popular hotel among Scandinavians – is the largest.


We have increased our lead generating up to 1000% since we went live with Sleeknote!

Tomas Josefsson

Online manager, STS Alpresor

What is unique about STS Alpresor?

As mentioned earlier we are the biggest tour operator in the Alps, and the unique about our concept is that we offer skiing in the winter – but also hiking in the summer. STS is also a large conference organizer.

What was your goal, when you started using Sleeknote?

We noted that the collection of leads through more traditional methods did not work so well, so we had to find other ways to increase our conversion rate on our traffic lead generation.

Sleeknote has helped us to increase our lead generation dramatically compared to our previous methods.

Here’s an example of how STS Alpresor uses Sleeknotes on their swedish website

STS Alpresor - popup example

What is the result after using Sleeknote?

Fantastic! We have increased our lead generating up to 1000% since we went live with Sleeknote, so we are of course very happy with the results – especially since collecting leads through third party suppliers is very expensive, and because you can expect a much higher quality from sign up’s from your own site.

Why is email marketing important for STS Alpresor?

The purchase cycle for kind of product we sell is up to 4 weeks, so email marketing is a very important and powerful marketing activity for us, because we have to stay top of mind in our customers’ mind set. It is also the most effective way to communicate with our most loyal customers.

This is an example of STS Alpresor’s Sleeknote on their norwegian site:

STS Alpresor - popup example

STS Alpresor has engaged Sleeknote mainly for services in lead generation, and we have seen a significant increase as a result of a successful partnership and service. We strongly recommend Sleeknote to future assignments in lead generation.

Tomas Josefsson

Online manager, STS Alpresor

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

Very good! There has been a quick and helpful support. We are overall very satisfied with Sleeknote – not only with the results but also with the professional and service-oriented approach towards us.

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STS Alpresor has increased their lead generation by up to 1000% with Sleeknote. Do you want to be on top of your customers’ minds and present them with relevant offers?

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